Saturday, December 20, 2008

My pantry is like the widow woman's barrel...

As the Job hunting is active and frustrating,
the blessings are pouring on our family.

A couple of day ago,
our Relief society President showed up at our door
with some stuff for our family.
I was taken aback a little.
We ARE doing fine.
Not rolling on gold,
but things are working out and we are making it.
All I could say was:
After I finished putting everything away,
I looked at my pantry and it was absolutely full.
Tears welled up in my eyes.

I have to admit that it has been hard to accept things like that.
We much rather like being on the giving end...
But what we also realize is that we can't ignore the blessings
that are being bestowed upon us
and upon those giving Angel
at this point and time.

As I went to bed that night I kept thinking of the widow woman
who was faithful and fed Elijah
even when she had but a
"handful of meal in a barrel, and a little oil in a cruse..."
The lord promised her that
"The barrel of meal {should}not waste,
neither {should} the cruse of oil fail..."
and so it was.

We are so blessed!

The Lord is taking good care of us!
He is sending his Angels,
both from heaven and earth,
to bless our lives.

At a time where there could be despair,
we find
Hope, Love and Charity.
At a time where we could be blaming God
for such a trial in our life,
we find
more Faith and more Peace.

I am not sure how we will ever repay those blessings...

What I know is that we are blessed beyond what we could ever expect.

We are being watched over by a loving Heavenly Father,
He will bless us even more with a great job soon!

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Birthday for Zackary

Okay so I am way late in my postings but I still eed to do this post
even if I am more than a week late!

Zackary turned 5 the first week of December!

His best qualities are:

He is always helpful,

He is very curious about everything

He is a cuddler

He is smart

He has the biggest imagination ever!

Zack loves to play with his brothers and friends.

He is already a heart knocker with the ladies...
He has a 4yr old stalker @ preschool...

He is not shy about anything really.
He loves to tell the world what is going on.
When Joseph was laid off on Dec. 1st,
Zack made a point of telling everyone he saw that his Daddy didn't have a job anymore.
The funny thing is that he did it in such a proud way!

So the night of his birthday we had a few of his friends over for pizza, games and cake.
It was really fun!
We played don't eat Pete and pin the nose on the snowman...

Glad it was your birthday Zack! We had a BLAST!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thank YOU!

To all of you who are keeping us in your prayers
and have fasted for us!
We continue to feel extremely blessed!
A few prospect but nothing for sure yet...
We are so grateful for all of you!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Life happens...

I have been debating whether or not to blog about this for a couple of days now...

I came to the conclusion that if nothing else I can share my blessings and express my gratitude.

We had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful time with the Beckman's over thanksgiving week. We got home late Saturday night so we could make it to church Sunday. Joseph was taking charge of the WHOLE primary so all the other adults could go to relief Society or Priesthood. I also wanted to be present for our combined YM/YW lesson given by our bishop.

Joseph went to work really early Monday morning. They sold a few more cars and he had to book the deals before he could do payroll...

Early in the afternoon, he called me and asked me if I had found any more job openings for him. I had been looking for a little while... I asked "WHY? Are they letting you go?" to which he responded "YES"...

I can't really describe my reaction beyond the fact that it was filled with tears and a bit of a panic. My first reaction after hanging up was to get on my knees and pray. I asked for comfort and peace and for strength through this trial.

Throughout the day I was on the verge of tears. Joseph came home and applied to every open accounting job known to men! We talked a bit and I finally convinced him to call our Bishop for a blessing. Our inspired Bishop already knew. He had told his wife earlier that afternoon that he needed to check on us because he felt Joseph's work was going to fall through...

After a wonderful blessing, I could feel Joseph was more at peace and I felt better.

I am sooo thankful for the Priesthood. I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who hears, loves and watches over me and my family.

I have been reading the talks from our last general conference. All about "Joy in the journey", "The infinite power of Hope". Words of wisdom from our beloved and just recently passed away apostle Joseph B. Wirthlin about getting through rough times and accepting those trials as a Blessing and opportunity for growth.

I have felt peace and have felt joy in the many blessings I have been given. I see them everyday. I name them one by one. There is Power in gratitude.

I do not know what the future holds, I do not know how long this trial will go on. I pray it will be short. I pray we may learn all we need to quickly. I pray we may be blessed with work to provide for our family soon.

What I do know is that I am LOVED.
I know I am blessed.
I know my family will be blessed by this trial in our life.

There is stress and there is uncertainty, but amidst those feelings I see my Faith shining through. I know that my God will not withhold blessings from me and my family because we love and serve him. I know he will bless us. He loves us.

For this knowledge and certainty I will be eternally grateful.

I count my many blessing, I name them one by one.

I AM blessed.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I have been thinking for a few weeks about all the things I am thankful for.

I used to feel entitled to some things when I was younger... I have come to realize as I get older that I am entitled to absolutely NOTHING!

I am either BLESSED or I work hard and reap results.

There are a lot of things to be grateful for!

First and foremost I am thankful for a loving Heavenly father who is wise and understanding. I may not get all that I ask for but I always get what I need.

Second, I am thankful for my Savior. I am thankful for his Infinite Sacrifice and for his willingness to suffer and Die for me so that I can find forgiveness and peace. I am grateful He loosed the bands of death so that I could live once more with my family.

Third, I am grateful for a wonderful Husband who loves me and shows me everyday. I am grateful for his willingness to make our marriage work, through the easy and the rough patches. I am grateful for his commitment to his heavenly father. I am thankful for his great sense of responsibility for his strong Moral values and for his Character. He his a wonderful man and I Love him very much!

Fourth, I am grateful for my 3 amazing boys, for all that they teach me. I am thankful for their laughs, humor and silliness! I am a better person because of them.

Fifth, I am thankful for the rest of my family; Maman, Papa, Mom, Dad, Eliane, Jeff and Sylvie, Ben, Charles, Nat, Chris and Rosanne, Samantha and Edgar, Patrick and Anna,... I am thankful for their love. I am thankful to be a part of their lives...

Sixth, I am thankful for wonderful friends. You are many! I love you and appreciate you! I am thankful for your presence, your laughs, your confidence and your listening ears!

Seventh, I am grateful for a wonderful ward family. I am grateful I finally feel at home in my home ward.

Eight, I am grateful for this country and the great people who live in it. I am grateful for freedom, for Men and Women who serve, died, and fight so that my family and I can enjoy freedom. I understand that freedom is never free; it always comes at a cost.

Ninth, I am thankful for Callings. I am thankful for the growth opportunities it provides, for the understanding and the blessings it brings.

Finally I am thankful for talents. For those gifts we are given. I am grateful that we can develop them to serve others and help ourselves.

There are many more things to be grateful for; the Gospel, living Prophets, the scriptures, work, cars, clothes,...

The list goes on...

So many things to ponder.

I wish you all a Happy thanksgiving!

May we remember to be grateful and thankful every single day for we are greatly blessed!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sometimes it just takes some remembering...

The kids and I took a trip to the library last week. I have been trying to find books that are interesting and that talk about the Founding Fathers, the Constitution...

I stumbled upon "Abe's Honest Words - The life of Abraham Lincoln" (Doreen Rappaport) in the picture book section.

The book is a condensed version Of Abraham Lincoln life's intertwined with quotes form Abraham Lincoln himself. The Pictures are GREAT and it is not super long that my kids lost interest...

So I we read this story before bed, I started to tear up a little...

There is something to be said about Abraham Lincoln's wisdom. His words are profound yet simple...

There is a quieting awe that comes as we take in his words and understand them.

The quote that really stuck with me is from "The Gettysburg Address" and it says:

"It is not for us the living, rather that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

In a time where our government think it wise to govern against the will of the people and to spend all of our money on Bailouts, it is nice to KNOW and REMEMBER that the power lies with the people...

Sometimes it just takes some remembering...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And it starts....

Or really it continues...
Joseph officially graduated 15 days ago
tonight is the first Class of his Masters!
2 more years!
Really it's not too hard because it didn't really stop...
Wish him luck!
I sure am soooooooo proud of him!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have been troubled by the amount of protests that have been going on over the last 10 days...
I have been baffled by the lack of respect for contrary opinions.
I believe Marriage to be a sacred covenant between
a MAN and a WOMAN.
You see I believe in families; I believe that the family is the basic unit of our society.
I believe that when and if marriage is no longer defined as a union between a man and a woman, our society will start to falter even more.
Some will call me a bigot, hate monger, prejudiced,...
I believe it is my God given right to free speech to express my opinion.
I also believe it is my DUTY to fight for the things I believe in.
I do NOT hate gay people.
I actually have a close gay relative... I love this relative very much.
Members of my faith, the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter Day Saints, have been targeted heavily in these protests.
You see we have a saying in our church:
Love the sinner, not the sin.
And though some might be offended by this because they do not view homosexuality as a sin,
it should be taken as this:
We love everyone regarding of their opinions, behaviors,...
We try the best we can to be a Christlike people.
That our opinions differ should not single us out as bigots.
Most Americans still have traditional values,
no matter what the lobbies and media try to push on us.
We do NOT hate, we LOVE.
We are only defending what we believe in.
In this era of political correctness,
it seems like the silent majority is becoming attacked
simply because we believe in something.
I believe marriage to be instituted by God,
to bind a man and a woman.
I believe the purpose of marriage is to bring children into this world
and raise them to be good, moral, law abiding and God believing.
I believe it to be my duty to voice my beliefs.
I KNOW what I stand for.
I know what my VALUES are.
I am not alone.
I believe in traditional marriage.
Our inspired church leaders published
The FAMILY: a proclamation to the world in 1995.
Here is a copy of what we believe in.
"We, the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, solemnly proclaim that marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and that the family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.

All human beings—male and female—are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny. Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.
In the premortal realm, spirit sons and daughters knew and worshipped God as their Eternal Father and accepted His plan by which His children could obtain a physical body and gain earthly experience to progress toward perfection and ultimately realize their divine destiny as heirs of eternal life. The divine plan of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave. Sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally.

The first commandment that God gave to Adam and Eve pertained to their potential for parenthood as husband and wife. We declare that God’s commandment for His children to multiply and replenish the earth remains in force. We further declare that God has commanded that the sacred powers of procreation are to be employed only between man and woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife.

We declare the means by which mortal life is created to be divinely appointed. We affirm the sanctity of life and of its importance in God’s eternal plan.
Husband and wife have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other and for their children. “Children are an heritage of the Lord” (Psalm 127:3). Parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness, to provide for their physical and spiritual needs, and to teach them to love and serve one another, observe the commandments of God, and be law-abiding citizens wherever they live. Husbands and wives—mothers and fathers—will be held accountable before God for the discharge of these obligations.
The family is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan. Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity. Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities. By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families. Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children. In these sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners. Disability, death, or other circumstances may necessitate individual adaptation. Extended families should lend support when needed.
We warn that individuals who violate covenants of chastity, who abuse spouse or offspring, or who fail to fulfill family responsibilities will one day stand accountable before God. Further, we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets.

We call upon responsible citizens and officers of government everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society."

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Something to cheer about!!!

Now that all the electoral stress has diminished
and that our lives seem to be somewhat back to normal
there is something our family can cheer about!
Joseph is now officially a Bachelor's degree graduate!!!
He also starts his Masters in 2 weeks...
Congrats Honey!
We are sooo proud of you!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A new day rises on America

So as we all know America has spoken.

Barrack Obama will be our next President.

There are a lot of feelings in our household.

Disappointment, fear,...

But as Glenn Beck put it yesterday: this "is the day where we all have to come together as Americans."

No matter what your feelings.

So I will stand and support our new President because this is America and the PEOPLE has spoken.

I do not know where this nation will go, what direction it shall take.

What I know is that WE will stand together as Americans.

Today is an historic Day.

I hope we can now get past the race and gender thing! I always believed the only thing that should count is the issues...

America has chosen, let's come together.

That does not mean that we must agree with the policies put forth by the next government.

It means that as Americans, we will show proper respect for the Office of the President.

As we embark this journey for the next 4 years, I will dedicate part of this blog to defending the principles I hold dear.

I congratulate Barrack Obama for this win!

And I also tell him: America is watching.

We will back you up when you are right.

And WE will make our voices heard when you are wrong.

May you preserve our Freedom and rise up to the task that is ahead of you.

We will be praying for you.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today is ELECTION DAY...


Hopefully we have a long night ahead of us!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nationalized Healthcare anyone?

I just got off the phone with my Mom. She has been having health issues over the last little while and finally had a doctor appointment this last week. The Doctor had some blood test result that were taken but he also referred her to a few different specialists for other issues...

She called the proposed physician whose clinic was so booked they gave her 4 other names of specialist to call. She finally made an appointment on Nov. 21st. Not too bad right it's only 3 weeks away... Well: turns out this guy is an optometrist with the right instruments, not an ophthalmologist!

She couldn't get in for an x-ray.

She couldn't get in to see the bone specialist...

So let me ask again: Nationalized Healthcare anyone???

Proud parents!

Matthew has been talking about bearing his testimony in church for 3 weeks.

Today was fast sunday and he did it! All by himself!

When he first started talking about it I was a little hesitant. I asked him what his testimony was, what he wanted to say.

Over the last 3 weeks we had many conversations in our home about what a testimony is.

I told Matthew that I would love for him to share his testimony with our ward but that I was NOT going to go up on the stand and tell him what to say.

Joseph had similar conversations with him also...

And Matthew bore his testimony. Simple and touching.

Being parents sometimes seems like it is an endless job. You always wonder if your kids are actually learning something...

Today was one of these moment where the hard work was rewarded by a 6 year old boy who knows what he believes...

Friday, October 31, 2008

funny things kids say...

This just happened and I figure I had to post it right away so I would remember!

This is a conversation between my 3 handsome boys:

Matthew: Samuel, this is not yours! You're NOT the king of the world!

Samuel: Yeah!

Zackary: No; Jesus is!

Kids are awesome!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


As the elections are drawing near (ALLELUIA!!!) and my stomach is getting more into knot everyday over what the results will be, I have spent the last weeks thinking a lot about a few things...

I have been reading a few things, listening to a lot of things and I am drawing my own conclusions...

What started the ball rolling was my friend Annie's comments on her facebook page.

Annie and I have been friends for over ten years. We were in the St-Jean Branch back when entered the young women. She was a Laurel and I totally admired her! Still do: she is an awesome person! Annie married a born and raised Utahn and they now live in Vermont where he is finally working as an MD. I love her but we have such different views!

Her comment was something like this: "I don't know why Americans are scared of Socialism, Canadians have it and it's GREAT!" She then went back and forth with friends about the pros and cons of socialism... One of the things she pointed out is that capitalism mostly brings greed and lets the little people to suffer. Her friend said capitalism is the only way to be truly free...

I have been thinking long and hard. I even went back to read the Constitution of the United States! I read it a few times and let it sink. Then I thought of the things I hold dear, and of my LOVE for this country I married into...

Here are some of my thoughts; do with it what you wish!
My only purpose is that you may gain something from it, that maybe you will feel the need to go back to the basic principles this great nation was founded upon and understand the way we should go.

Having been raised not only in Canada but in Quebec (which is even more socialist than the rest of Canada!) I never knew different until I married (extremely well!) and moved here. We were expecting of first child with no insurance... I was a little stressed. When Matthew was born, a lady visited me in the Hospital. She asked a few questions about our income. Then she said: " I am pretty sure you are income eligible for medicaid". I replied that although I was here legally, I was not eligible to receive Medicaid. She said my status didn't matter... I talked with Joseph. He said NO. It took me a while to understand that it was more than the selfish pride of providing for his family: it was a strong held belief that in America, YOU are responsible to provide. The government stays out of your personal matters.

We had 2 babies without insurance.

$14000 and five years later, we are no longer paying on them, but it took until Matthew was 6 and Zackary was 4...

I believe this nation was founded on principles of hard work, sacrifice and honor.

The declaration of independence says that we are all entitled to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

I do not believe this mean we will all be rich.

I believe it means that we can strive for what is important to us.

Joseph and I are not what people would consider rich. But we are rich because of what we DO have. We have 3 handsome boys, we are striving to better our lives. I married someone who is willing to do what it takes so that our family will be provided for. At one time, he was working 3 jobs, another time 2 jobs going 48 hours almost without sleep... Didn't I tell you he is GREAT!

This is the life we chose. I stay home and take care of raising our children while he makes sure there is bread on our table.

I do not believe we will stay "materially poor" forever. Joseph graduates in less than 5 days with his Bachelor's!

We decided to SACRIFICE for two more years while he does his masters... That means we won't see him as much. Our lives are busy. Between kids, church callings, work and school...

Sacrifice: restrain from something now to have something better later.

What I believe the Founding Fathers meant for us to be is a moral people.

Not an entitled one...

Greed is reduced when we have a strong sense of Honor.

Honor is what makes you understand that pride is a vice.
Honor is what keeps your VALUES in check.
Honor is what we need to remember as a nation.

The Constitution was established to "establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity".

I would urge you to review the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and find out where you stand before you enter the voting booth.

Are your positions in line with the INSPIRED vision of the founding fathers?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Christmas card giveaway!!!

Emily always finds some fun giveaways! Petit Elefant is doing a Holiday card giveaway! I picked this card. Can you tell I love red!

Hurry and sign-up too!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Women of the spirit

There are a few women that have influenced my life for good. I can name a few: my mom is a big one; my sister; Sister Carter and sister Pomerleau: my seminary teachers; Sister Thibault, one of my YW presidents; Sister Mower, my visiting teacher in Oregon; Sister Clark (maiden name) and sister Pitts: sister missionaries; Anessa: my friend and Neighbor; Tori: my fitness partner; and so many more!

There are a few women whom I have or have not met who have also influenced my life for the better: Sheri Dew (she is awesome! I shook her hand when she visited Montreal years back!); Sister Nadauld, former YW president; Sister Beck the current general relief society president; Sister Dalton, the current general YW President.

All of these women have influenced my life for the better whether it be by their words, actions and kindness...

Last night I was privileged to attend a youth fireside at our stake center. The speaker was the General Young Women President: Sister Elaine S. Dalton.


The spirit was extremely strong! It was wonderful to be a part of. Sister Dalton focused on a few key points: keeping a constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, Keeping our minds focused on entering the Temple and our divine nature. She spoke to our youth with conviction, wit but mostly with the power o the Holy Ghost.

She recognizes the challenges of our times. She urged the youth to stay steadfast and true to their values even if it means "social suicide". She related an experience from 9th grade where she was invited to a party thrown by popular girls. After being offered alcohol and realizing that leaving would mean "social suicide" she offered a quick prayer asking what she should do. The spirit told her: GO HOME! She said: "I can't go home: this is my social future we are talking about! Heavenly father help me! The spirit then whispered: GO HOME NOW! She said she gathered her things, opened the door, closed it behind her and wailed all the way home. That was a defining moment in her life. The year that followed was the worst of her life. She had no friends and was made fun of. But she said she learned who she is, got straight A's and got her patriarchal blessing. It defined the rest of her life. It was the foundation for all that was to come in her later years.

She also said that 1 person can change the world.

She extended a challenge to all of us:

1) Pray daily 100%

2) Read the Book of Mormon 5 minutes a day 100%

3) Smile daily 100%

She promised that if we do these 3 things, we will be changed, our families will be changed: we will change the world...

So I also challenge you to sister Dalton's words:

Will you be 100%?

Will you change the world?

Saturday, October 11, 2008


We stopped by to visit Carol and Kaylie this morning.

They were doing well considering.

Carol said she got to say her goodbyes and that she felt peace. She is amazingly strong.

Kaylie was still in shock. She is a strong willed girl, like her dad... She will be okay. She witnessed the change in her mom also. From the worried sadness to the calming peace.

Isn't it wonderful to know we are eternal families!

As for Curtis and Kyle: they have been informed. The church does not allow them to come home and go back because of the visas policies... If they come home, they stay home. Kyle has said he will not come home. I doubt Curtis will come home either. These two are amazing young men. Carol said that you could tell in their last few letters that they knew something was up...

I am still sad, but mostly I am grateful. I am grateful I got to know him. I am grateful for the gospel and for the guidance of the spirit. I am grateful for the time we are given.

Thank you for all of your prayers in their behalf!

Passing on...

If there is one thing that has been made clear in my mind once more over the last 12 hours it is how fragile this life is.

If you read my post from last night, you know Kelly Wall was in the Hospital. He passed away this morning around 7 am...

I think some passings are harder than others. When Joseph's Grandma passed away a little over 2 years ago, I didn't really shed tears. I was happy she could be back with her loved ones in the spirit world. But I have been struggling with this. Mostly because it was so sudden...

Kelly had neck surgery a couple of weeks ago. I have been meaning to stop by or call to see how he was since then. I didn't. I saw him out in his front yard this week. Laughing and chatting with his neighbor as I drove past his street. I told myself I should stop and say Hi, but I was in a hurry. Last night, before dinner time I ran over to their house with Matthew. The Walls generously let us plant a garden with theirs this summer. I wanted to grab the last of the tomatoes before the storm today. I told myself as I pulled in that I should knock on the door and say hi. I didn't. I was in a hurry.

Now I know that regrets do not get you anywhere. I know that it wouldn't have changed anything, but I still wish I had seized the day.

These are a few things I appreciated and admired about Kelly:

He was always humble.
He had a good sense of humor.
He was a good Dad and Husband.
He wanted his kids to be hard workers.

Kelly and Joseph changed our breaks with the twins last summer. I admired the way he was teaching his kids all these practical things.

He took pride in having a clean and well maintained yard.

When we first moved to Utah, we lived next door to the Wall family. We had a landlord that didn't quite appreciate kids playing in the yard... Kelly let us play in his yard anytime we wanted.
He always asked when we could come over and play there.
He shared the bounties of his fruit trees. His peaches are soo yummy!

Every New year's eve or the last 2 years, they came over and had a little party with us.

I still can quite grasp that he is gone.

But I know he is back in heaven with our heavenly Father.

There is one thing about my faith that separates us from others: We believe in eternal families. We can be together forever.

The next few days ahead will be hard for the rest of his family. Curtis and Kyle, who are currently serving missions in Argentina, will most likely come home... Kaylie will have the hardest time I think. She is a few months shy of her 12th birthday... Carol will grieve sorely too. I would...

My heart and prayers are with them.

Please pray for them too...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Please pray for the Wall family!

A little over an hour and a half ago, we heard the sirens of an ambulance pass our house.
A minute later, we received a phone call from Kaylie asking Joseph to come over right away.

Kelly was taken to the Hospital unresponsive over an hour ago.

It does not look good for him at this moment.

Please pray for him, for his wife, for his two sons who are serving the Lord in Argentina and for his daughter Kaylie.

I have a dear place in my heart for the Wall family. They were our next door neighbors when we first moved here.

They have always been loving, friendly and have always been on the lookout for opportunities to serve.

I pray Our Heavenly Father will bless them at this difficult time.

Please Pray for them!

Please pray for the Wall family!

Finally a little laugh!

Joseph sent me this web link a few minutes ago.

It will really make you laugh and relax your mood no matter what political affiliation you have!

Make sure you turn up the sound on your computer!

It's time for some campaignin'


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Poli-ticking.... / Potty Training!

It seems like this is all I talk about anymore...

Politics and the State of the economy.

Have you heard the latest?


Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House,

is also calling for another STIMULUS PACKAGE...

I am sure GLAD Washington thinks money grows on trees!

Did you hear the debt display in NYC ran out of room?

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our national debt is now SOOO BIG,

they don't have enough room to add another number...

I am getting a bit of politics tiredness...

I am getting fed up really!

Why can't we ever get a straight answer?

I am also reading Obama-NATION!

(A nice birthday gift from my men!)

I already didn't care for Obama...

Now I just see him as a big fat liar...

All this just makes me dream for a President

"a la TOM CLANCY"!

Can't we just get a real life Jack Ryan in the White House?

I don't care if he is a she,

or even if he is BLUE!

(There is a Blue man you know! He was on Oprah before I stopped watching it...)

We need to elect people that put their MOUTHS where their ACTIONS are!

On a lighter note,

Samuel is now a potty going boy!


Well, for the most part.

Today: day 6: 1 accident only!!!

I am very happy that the diapers are becoming a thing of the past!

For now...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm becoming obssessed...

I know I just can't stop talking about this BAILOUT thing...

But seriously:
don't you think they should think it through
before they borrow

It seems to me our leaders in Washington are a little bit impulsive on this.
Congress hasn't done ANYTHING for almost two years
and NOW they feel the need to do
TOO MUCH (of the very wrong thing!), TOO FAST!

The Senate passed the
BAILOUT BILL last night.
So now it goes to the House again...
Another vote expected tomorrow...
My friend Nat posted about the Dave Ramsey plan yesterday.

I LOVE Dave Ramsey.
Joseph and I discovered him last year and are on the debt diet...
He just MAKES SENSE!!!

Please take a look at his plan and make sure
that your congressman/women get their earful of your opinion!

It's time to make their phones ring off the hook!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Handbag giveaway...

Emilie posted about this giveaway on her Blog and I signed up too! Free is never a bad thing! Check it out!

Anyone care to enlighten me?

So the Bailout bill didn't pass in the House on Monday.

Why the heck is the Senate voting on it tonight?

I thought that if the House killed a bill it was the end of it and the Senate couldn't do anything about it...

Anyone care to enlighten this poor confused Canadian girl?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Just thought I would wish my sweet husband a very Happy Birthday! I know that he doesn't really want to count now that he passed the big 3-0 last year on this same exact date, but I just think that a birthday needs to be celebrated no matter how old you are!

So cheer up sweets, you're only 31 and your life is still mostly ahead of you!

Enchiladas and Jello cake will await you tonight!!!

Have a great birthday!

Friday, September 26, 2008


If you have been following the news lightly over the last week, you already know our country is in deep financial trouble. I post this as an invitation to all of us to get involved.

My opinion has evolved a bit over the past few days... I have a lot on my mind and I can't really express all of it. If you had seen me Tuesday morning, as I was rummaging through all this in my head, you would have caught a glimpse of my mind and fears...

I would be lying if I said the situation doesn't scare me. I am absolutely totally frightened by the financial ridge we find ourselves on.

My first step:
Like many of you I feel that those who put us in this mess need to come forward and pay up. Give back the millions they got from the lobbyists and make sure the corrupt CEOs, CFOs, (...) do time. Make them FELONS!!!

My second step:
Brace up America; the train wreck is coming and it will hit hard. While you still can, follow the instructions of our beloved prophets: built up your food storage, pay off your debt, put your house in order. Do what you can. The storm is coming fast and it will not be pretty. But like any challenge, WE will get through it!

My third step:
LET THEM FAIL. This is my own lowly pion opinion. I do not claim to be an expert. I do not claim to be knowledgeable in financial matters. What I know is what my gut tells me. Let them fail so we can be stronger. Let them fail so we can rebuild better.

I have been mulling over this for a few days now, but this is really what I think. I think times will get horribly hard as this crisis unfolds. I also think that being an American means that whenever we are brought to our knees, we stand up taller AND better. (If you know me, you know I like Glenn Beck, he said something along these line on his program this morning. Find it here.)

Don't let this one go by while you stand on the sidelines: make up your mind and call your senator, your congressman.
Tell them what you think.
After all: WE THE PEOPLE are their boss!
It's time we take back the power to the people...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A few words on the last 8...

For yesterday:

It's been 8 years!
8 years since we made the eternal vows that will keep us together forever.
I must say this year is more special for us.
Joseph commented on the same thing last night:
"It feels like more of an anniversary this year, I'm not sure why" He said.
In this last year, we have grown closer and more together.
We can finish each other's sentences, read each other's minds...
There is a feeling of peace and well being between us,
a comfort that can only come from being together for a while...

We do not always agree but we never fight.
We might have a heated discussion here and there, but we always compromise.
We can never stay mad at each other for very long,
neither of us is ever too proud to say sorry

Before we were married, my institute teacher was commenting on how she would not want to be a newlywed again. Although there are awesome benefits to being a newlyweds, I can understand what she was talking about now.

The new part is fun and exciting, but add a few years of togetherness and everything seems better. I love that I am growing old with Joseph. I love this special bond we share, I love that we have common goals.

Marriage gets better with age...

I LOVE YOU, and even if I didn't think it possible, MORE!

I love that you always worry about me. I love that you hold me whenever I want. I love that you are always trying to improve "US" and always take our "status checks". I love that you still think I am beautiful even on the days where I don't see it. I love that you love the Lord and always try to better yourself. I love that you are strong, yet always humble.

God knew what he was doing when he made our paths cross...

Thanks for the last 8 years and the eternity to come!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My BIG thing...

A couple of months ago I posted this about divine guidance.

Over the last 2 months I have been receiving a lot of promptings about simple things I needed to impove in my spiritual life.

I believe I was being prepared.

Last Wednesday afternoon I received a call from our ward's executive secretary telling me the Bishop needed to meet with me that night. I called Joseph to tell him that our Bishop asked he be there too, but I couldn't get anything out of him. He kept making remarks like:" I wonder what he wants?" or "Is there something you need to tell me?". I must say he was quite happy that he knew what I was going in there for and I didn't. He loves withholding information because he knows it drives me crazy when he doesn't want to tell me... To be fair, he really couldn't say anything until it was time, but he still rejoiced in the feeling of dangling it over my head!

As the evening went on, I was sorting and thinking of all the things it could be. I had it narrowed down to the organization and I was pretty sure of what it would be when we finally entered the Bishop's office. The bishop asked my husband to extend the calling they had for me.

I am the new secretary in an all new young women presidency! I am very excited!

I felt the spirit very strongly as our Bishop told me of the rest of the presidency. He shared with us that they, as a bishopric had been praying for over 3 months over this new presidency and that he had known before the new president submitted the names who the rest of the presidency was going to be.

I am honored by the trust that is put in me by my Heavenly Father to help His daughters along the path.

I have a deep love for the Young Women organization. Young women is when I came to know for myself. Young women is where my testimony grew from a tiny little seed to something much bigger. Young Women is where I truly learned to recognize the spirit. Primary was the base, Young Women was the broadening agent. I had a hard time personally when I was a beehive and mia maid. My parents separated when I was 11. I was trying to work out and understand a lot of things in my life.

It was during my Young women years that I came to KNOW that my Heavenly Father is MY Father.

So many experiences I could write a book. Camp, youth conference, my bedroom, my eternal friends...

I LOVE Young Women!

I only pray that I can be an instruments in His hands and touch the lives of our beautiful Young Women...

My friend Emily asked me last night (as she so nicely invited us over for dinner and the food was sooo yummy!) if I thought this was my BIG thing: I believe so.

There are a few words that can describe my state of mind: Excited, Humbled, Grateful and Amazed...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where were you?

I am sleeping in bed.
The phone rings, waking me.
I push Joseph and tell him to hurry and get it.
Beeing 6 months pregnant, I know I won't be on my feet fast enough.
Joseph picks up the phone: "Hello!?"
Then he starts speaking french.
My heart starts beating a little faster.
Is something wrong with someone in my family?
The TV is turned on, then silence...
I turn around the corner to enter our living/kitchen/dining room in our little 1 bedroom apartment.
The pictures on the TV stop me in my tracks...

Joseph hands me the phone, its my Dad.
He wants to make sure we are ok even though we live almost 3000 miles away.
Tragedy in New York city, in Washington DC.

That is my 9/11 moment, that is where I was.
Joseph once asked me if I thought 9/11 for us was like the JFK assassination for our parents. I really think so. None of us will ever forget where we were when we witnessed first, the Horror, and then Heroes never to be forgotten...

TOday is PATRIOT DAY, a day to remember the goodness of America and how we can all come together.

Don't forget to thank a member of the military and pray for our troops everywhere!

Where were you when the world stopped turning that September day?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Surprising, but not in a bad way... The Palin pick.

I have to admit that I am a Mitt Romney fan. I know someone who worked for him, he is a good guy! I was rooting for Mitt in the presidential race and when he withdrew his candidacy, I was hoping he would be number 2... So I was sad and disappointed when the announcement came and Sarah Palin got the spot. My first thought was: "who is that?". That is until I learned more about her. Leave it to John McCain to throw a curve ball like this. It is not a secret that I am not the biggest fan of McCain, but Sarah Palin seems to softened the corners of my hesitations.

She is not perfect, but she is smart. She actually has run something. She is articulate and she seems to be there for the right reasons. In her speech last Friday she said something about how politicians are elected to do the people's business and that this is exactly what she requires of herself. Impressive. I mean someone in the government actually working on doing the things the people actually are demanding and not trying to fulfill their own self-interest. I am at a loss of words.

I like her!
She is not perfect but she is real...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to school!

I have been a slacking blogger this last week... No excuse, just laziness!

Matthew went back to school monday. 1st day of 1st grade! He was really excited and a little bit nervous about the new teacher. He had the BEST kindergarten teacher ever last year so it was a little nerve wrecking not knowing what to expect with a new teacher... He did great!

We also had some back to school cupcakes on sunday night to celebrate!

Here are pictures of the old raggy shoes that went through a rough summer
and of the nice and CLEAN new school shoes!

I have to admit that Kindergarten did not bother me at all. I was just sooo happy for Matthew to be able to go to school! I did NOT cry on monday, but I skipped a little beat for a second... 1st grade is definitely something more... I am quite certain that it is because it is an all day affair. I keep looking at the clock thinking it is time (or past time) to go pick him up, but it is never close...

What can I say? I love my Matthew!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Joseph is down to crunch time to finish his bachelor's degree. He only has 3 more weeks!!! This is the problem: he is missing some general credits. So his counselor told him he needed to CLEP the Analyzing and interpreting Literature class to save time and money. He was nervous about it. Literature is not what he likes... He loves to read, but not so much about poetry.

Last Friday he scheduled a time to take this test: 8am Monday. Yesterday.

He was so nervous all weekend! Anxious... Lost in thought about it.

But the test went so well; he passed! (Not that I thought he wouldn't, I am just so happy it is done!!!)

Good job Honey!

Now there is 3 more Monday night classes and an online History class to finish before then!

It's so close I can almost touch it!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Motherhood... A new perspective.

I found this article as I was looking for some help for my family home evening lesson this afternoon... It is a great article that illustrates what being a mother truly is... If you go back and read my Blog you will find I struggle at times with being a mother because it IS hard work! I just loved this perspective. Go ahead, read it!

Surviving on the mercies of motherhood

Olympics and things...

Okay so I have been slacking because I have been busy watching kids and the Olympics... Did you see the relay last night? It was sooo awesome! You can see it here if you missed it. GO PHELPS! GO USA!!! I have also been getting my fill of Volleyball which is "my" sport....

On another note, We had Stake conference this Weekend. When we got home from the "adult" Saturday night session, we realized that the neighbors had left the hose running by the window seal thus flooding the boys bedroom, again. They did this last September, the Friday before Joseph was called to the bishopric and I was SOOO mad because my in-laws were coming into town that night and I had spent the WHOLE DAY cleaning like a maniac...

But this time I was pretty livid. I mean once I can understand, but once it happens, you should NOT let this happen again! So we moved the boys to our bed and then we had to move everything out (but the bunk beds) while we waited for our landlord to get here. It didn't take long and his expression was even worse than mine. He was seriously MAD!

Once more the carpet made its way out the window, followed by the pad. The wet vac must have picked up 40 gallons of water and my earlier today cleaned house was now a complete mess.

Here is where I have a problem: our landlord will get financial restitution for this, our neighbors will have to pay up, but what about US? My house is a disaster, it stinks and I have no desire to talk to our neighbors again for a while... Joseph and I have slept in the front room for the last 2 days so the kids can have a bed outside of a cement room... I am absolutely in agreement that my landlord should get retribution but shouldn't we get something too?

What do you think?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Bounties of the earth!

I have been waiting for this moment for weeks! We planted a Garden in May and I just could not wait for the tomatoes... I just LOVE homegrown tomatoes! They are so yummy and sweet!

Yesterday, I picked my first 2 tomatoes of the year. I had to control the urge of letting out a shout for joy!

Tomatoes: you are my lunch today! YUM, Yum, Yum!!! (I know I am kind of crazy! What can I say it's been a while since I've had a really good tomato!)

On a side note, we also picked our first 2 bell peppers and 3 more cucumbers!

Here is my favorite tomato sandwich recipe:

* 2 slices of whole wheat bread, toasted
* 1 tablespoon of Mayo (in my case, the new low in fat Olive Oil mayo)
* 2-3 slices of tomatoes
* 1-2 slice of onion (red, yellow or white)
* 1 leaf of romaine lettuce
* Salt and pepper to taste
* Cayenne pepper if you want to had a little bite!

This is the basic, but you can add avocado, deli turkey, cheese...
Healthy and soooooo yummy!
Especially if you can get your hands on some yummy homegrown tomatoes!

Monday, August 4, 2008

All done! No spoil!

I finished breaking Dawn las night! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT!!! I am not at all disapointed in the story line. I loved the twists of the story. It's AWESOME!!! My copy is free so if you don't have it yet, feel free to borrow it from me!

On a side note, I must admit my husband is really GLAD I am done because I barely responded to anything all day saturday... I was just too much in my book! Sorry Hon, but thanks for being a good sport!

To all of you who aren't done: Happy reading!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

At Emily's request...

Here is a local newspaper article concerning the sculpture I participated in... It was the teacher's design. He was pretty crazy, but then he IS an artist as Misty would tell you! I am standing in front of the statue on the right... I apologize for the poor quality. I am sure I have an actual picture somewhere, but it might be at my mom's...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Maude's 101

Misty tagged me a week ago to do this 101 things about me. I had to think about it for a while, but here it is:

1. I struggle to pick one ultimate favorite...
2. I can be a little indecisive at times (now you know the why of #1)
3. My Favorite color of all time is red.
4. I love to read
5. I love Jane Austen's books and movies, I could watch and read them over and over again! Unfortunately Joseph does not share my passion.
6. I can't wait for "Breaking Dawn" tomorrow night!
7. I Love Tom Clancy's Books too!
8. I wish we could get a President who is like Jack Ryan!
9. I am a legal Alien
10. I can be a bit OCD with some things like folding laundry...
11. I do not dwell on the past very much; what is done is done, all I can do is be better in the future.
12. I took 1 year of piano lessons
13. I took 2 years of Art and was chosen as part of a team to make a statue which is on public display in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada.
14. I like art and artsy things.
15. I don't scrapbook because I am too cheap to buy the supplies, but I would love to one day
16. I cannot wait for Joseph to be done with his bachelor's degree in FIVE weeks!!!
17. I want to celebrate Joseph's graduation by taking a little overnight trip without the kids.
18. I have a list of "requirements" for Joseph's 1st job as a graduate.
19. I claim I am only a stay at home mom but I have a couple side jobs like watching kids.
20. I try not to judge people.
21. I don't understand why someones race/gender/religion is a big deal in a political setting.
22. Race, gender and religion are not an issue in my book.
23. I love living in Utah! I wasn't sure that I would, but I truly do!
24. My present ward is my "home ward". It took me a long time to consider anything but Lemoyne ward that...
25. I don't particularly consider myself a "strong woman"
26. I can be strong when needs be,because I have God besides me.
27. My faith is VERY important to me, I try not to take things for granted.
28. I grew up on the south shore of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
29. I am proud of my French Canadian roots.
30. I don't speak enough French to my kids.
31. I fell in love with Joseph when I was 16.
32. He did not know it until I was 17 and he was no longer a missionary.
33. We got married 3 weeks shy of my 19th birthday.
34. I weighed 117 lbs the morning of our wedding about 6 pounds short of my usual at that time...
35. I won our honeymoon trip from a bridal fair!
36. When I got the call to tell me that I won, I thought it was a joke!
37. I used to think I was fat...
38. I wish I could be skinny again.
39. I am working out and dieting to lose weight.
40. I am not sure I can be 125lbs again; I'll settle for 135...
41. I am hoping to file the paperwork to become a citizen in the near future.
42. My Parents do not want me to renounce my Canadian Citizenship.
43. I think that if I am going to live here, I mine as well get a say!
44. I Love and Hate Politics...
45. I consider myself a conservative.
46. I was raised rather Liberal... but then again there isn't anything like conservatism in Eastern Canada... Especially not in Quebec!
47. I know Nationalized Health care does not work! My grandma got her Cancer treatment in Vermont...
48. I love Volleyball!
49. I was captain or assistant captain of my Volleyball team through High School.
50. I was a very good student in High School.
51. I did not go to college because I knew I would be getting married and moving away.
52. I am still not sure of what I want to do "when I grow up" or more precisely when my kids grow up a little.
53. I don't think you're ever too old to go back to college.
54. I plan on going back when all my kids are in school...
55. I love history.
56. I thought of doing a minor in political science...
57. When I was in Junior High, I wanted to be a Lawyer
58. When I was in High School I wanted to be a writer or a teacher...
59. I still dream of writing a Novel someday...
60. I like blogging even though I am not the greatest...
61. Emily and Emilie are the best bloggers I know!
62. I finally learned how to put links on here thanks to Lauralee!
63. I don't think I teach my kids enough about everything...
64. I think my kids are REALLY smart!
65. Some days I yell too much.
66. I am trying really hard not to yell at my kids anymore...
67. I think being a mom is HARD, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world...
68. I really want a baby girl, but somehow I think I would be okay with all boys too.
69. I really want another baby.
70. My kids are true believers in the motto that says that "early risers own the world".
71. My mom says it's payback for my rooster behavior as a kid...
72. I Love my parents but I don't necessarily aspire at being like them.
73. I love talk radio.
74. I listen to Sean Hannity a lot.
75. I try to catch Glenn Beck whenever I can; he scares me sometimes, but mostly he cracks me up!
76. My father and I do not agree on politics.
77. I believe the best way for me to make a difference is to teach my children well.
78. I believe in "the American Dream"
79. I think the American Dream is synonymous of hard work.
80. I think the American people should demand a lot MORE from their political leaders...
81. I want my kids to take piano lessons, swim lessons,...
82. I am better than I deserve: The Dave Ramsey method is awesome!
83. That's right: WE'RE GETTING OUT OF DEBT BABY!!!
84. I hate when my house is messy, but I can never keep it clean for very long...
85. I keep "job hunting" for Joseph
86. We have a dog, a cat and some fishes...
87. I don't mind the Fishes, tolerate the dog and the cat drives me nuts!
88. I make friends pretty easily for the most part.
89. I am a lot more shy than I was when I was a teenager, but I am coming out of it.
90. I am trying to become better friends with a few sisters in my ward.
91. I always look at houses for sale even though I know we won't be buying a house for a couple of years.
92. I keep hoping for a miracle so that we can buy a house soon!
93. I start chomping at the bit after a couple of months without a calling.
94. I loved being in primary, but my favorite calling of all times was being YW camp director.

95. I believe in eternal friendships. I think that distance may hamper the frequency of exchanges, but not the ardor of feelings.

96. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister.
97. My sister was and always will be my best girlfriend.
98. My little brother Charles will pass the 3 year mark of the accident that put him in a wheelchair next week.
99. I admire my little brother Charles immensely for his optimism, attitude and positive outlook amidst hardship.
100. I am the only active member of the church among my siblings.
101. I am soooo glad I am done!

I will not tag anyone because I thought that was HARD! but if you feel so inclined, go ahead!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A visit from the Tooth Fairy!

After days of being scared and enduring the discomfort of a very wiggly tooth, Matthew finally decided that he was ready to be brave and let us pull his tooth with a thread.

THe tooth fairy did pay us a visit in the course of the night!

Look at the the toothless smile!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Samuel the Adventurer...

This Little boy of mine has been taking new steps in his quest to more fully discover the world... Sometimes though I wonder how much of this is actually NORMAL, since my older 2 boys were never this anxious to taste all that is around...

It all started with the puddle of dirty water on a slab of cement last week. Samuel laid on his belly and drank: GROOOOOSSSSSSSS!

This morning it was the white out bottle painted around his mouth...

Later it was the Lemi-shine, a "natural" dishwasher soap...

Then, it was the half squished plum he picked up on the grass...

Seriously: How much do you really need to eat these things?

That boy has quite the sense of adventure, at least when it comes to tasting nasty things!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pioneer Heritage...

I've been thinking for a while about Pioneer day here in Utah and about what it means for me. My husband has some "real pioneer roots" through his Grandma Beckman, I know that, but being the French Canadian that I am, I don't. Then I started thinking a lot about my heritage. My ancestors surely weren't the kind to just do what they were told. I have a great great great grandfather who made his way back to Canada (in snowshoes, in the winter) after having been deported to Louisiana by the British. My Dad taught me that I was of noble ascendancy, not only by birth but mostly because I AM a Daughter of God.

This was the start of a new perspective in terms of heritage.

Long before I was even a thought into my parents mind, a young man by the name of Jeff Packer decided to go on a mission. He was called by the lord to serve in eastern Canada, and went to Montreal. There he met a widower and his young fiancee. They got married and accepted the gospel. My aunt and Uncle. As my aunt and uncle were eager about the gospel they shared it with my father who was more or less interested. Until a young elder named Royal Eccles came to teach him. This young missionary was not afraid to teach by the spirit, and to follow the lord's guidance. When he met my dad, he knew that he was who he had been prepared for. He knew that he could not give up on that man. His efforts were rewarded. The spirit touched my father. He could no longer deny.

As I have been meditating about my heritage these lasts weeks, I have come to realize that our heritage is not only by physical lineage, but also by spiritual lineage. I am Grateful to Elder Packer and Elder Eccles, and to the unknown missionary who baptized my mom. Their Perseverance, efforts and faith are a part of me. They are my spiritual pioneers and I will forever be grateful to them for what this heritage.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The funniest Cartoon!

Last night while he was waiting for me to be ready for bed, Joseph opened his favorite bedside reading material: Calvin and Hobbes.

I have to say that Calvin and Hobbes has got to be the funniest cartoon ever put on paper! It is also a good insight on how we used to think as kids and what our kids must be thinking oftentimes. I really like the wisdom and the charm, but mostly I love his wit and humor!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Challenges in the life of a Mom...

This week has been a little rough on me mostly because it's been a very busy week for Joseph and we haven't spent much time together as a family.

It all started Monday evening with the Departure of Chris. Then there was the second (all night) job Tuesday night. Wednesday was bishopric visits. Joseph was home not very late but we didn't get back from Nancy's party until 9pm. Thursday night was school, of which he was let out early because the air conditioning wasn't working. Finally, last night (Friday) Joseph went straight from work to girls camp. He will be back home later today, hopefully around 2pm. Needless to say the kids had little time with their dad.

Starting Wednesday, I noticed an increase in bad attitudes, whining, crying, fighting, and naughty behaviors in my kids. I thought it would be better after a good night of sleep... Thursday was worse! So I thought maybe I had become too lax on my 123 magic... I told the kids that if they got to 3 it was a time-out no matter what! By bedtime, I was absolutely rung out.

Friday had a bad start. I got out of the shower to find Samuel sitting on my kitchen counter, his feet in the sink with water all over... It was another day... But then something happened in the afternoon. I was reminded why I LOVE being a mom. Because I love my Kids and because they are cute!

I had no idea what was in store for me at bedtime.

Samuel got up twice after I put him in bed, then the hysteria started. He started crying uncontrollably for his Daddy. I called Joseph and had him say goodnight over the phone, I hung up and he went ballistic again: "Daaaaddaaaaa, daaaaddyyyyyy" for a good half hour. I would call Joseph, Samuel would calm down while he was on the phone. As soon as I would hang up, he started again. Finally I told him I would stay by him until he went to sleep. Around 8:10, he finally was sleeping. I put him in bed at 7pm...

This brings me to this train of thought: being a Mom IS HARD!

But then a new day starts and I do it again... It's not like I would ever give up, it's just that sometimes I am overwhelmed...

What about you?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The newest American citizen / Hill Air Force Museum

My friend Nancy took the oath and became an American Citizen yesterday. I am sooooo happy for her and I must admit a tiny bit jealous! I have been eligible for a while but we usually have something more pressing to do with the $675 that it cost to send in the LAST paperwork...

Her Husband Luke and sis-in-law Katey organized this cool surprise Party @ Greg's and Lisa's last night. It was an all American BBQ with burgers, hot-dogs, chips, potato salad veggies, cake and the BEST TRIFLE EVER! SOOOOO YUMMY! They decorated the yard with a gazillion American flags! IT was really fun! Honey, take notes for when my turn comes around...

Congrats Nancy, you are now welcome to Vote!!!

An other fun thing we did yesterday was to go to the Air force museum. Anessa and I took all the kids after lunch. They had a fun time! I am always amazed that they like it so much, but they do!

The best part of it all: it's free!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Island Park and Yellowstone National Park

We went away for a couple of days last week! It was nice to get away! We left thursday around 5pm and got to Island park around 9. We had a fun time around the fire, talking with our friends Rich and Joni.

Friday morning, we went on a small hike with the kids. It was a 2 mile flat hike but Zack had a hard time at the end... His legs were tired! Then we went back to the cabin and had tinfoil dinners! Yummy! reminded me of girls camp! After lunch we went rafting on the lazy river. It was very beautiful. Very shallow by moments, but also so very clear! You could see the trout in there! THe kids had a ball! Joseph got picked on a lot by Kylie, Kelsie, Chelsea and Kambree. Rather funny... I did come to his rescue though!

After we got back, we packed a picnic and we headed for Yellowstone. SOOOOO PRETTY! It was my first time and I loved it! We were lucky enough to see a black bear (very well) and a grizzly bear (through a nice lady's scope)! We had good laughs!

WE got back to the cabin late, but it was worth the fun! That night Joseph got sick. I think it was a heat stroke. Kylie saved us! I woke her up to see if she could wake up her dad for a blessing. My knocks having produced no result. Bishop got up and gave Joseph a blessing at 2:30 am. Then, Joseph finally stopped shivering and got some restfull sleep. When he woke up saturday morning, he still had the remnants of a headache, but he was feeling a lot better.

Saturday we mostly chilled around the cabin. THe kids were having so much fun just being outside. Samuel was in heaven! He was dirty and he did not care! He was outside and no one was telling him to go inside!

The kids had their first experience with a bibi gun They thought is was cool We had a great lunch of grilled chicken in a very yummy marinade! After that, we started to clean up and pack. We Had so much fun though! !

Thanks Swanson family! We had a great time!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Divine guidance

Last Year around this time, I knelt in prayer before bed like usual. Joseph was working that night so I said my prayer and laid down. But I couldn't sleep. I had this feeling in my heart. It invaded my whole body. I was somewhat overwhelmed by the spirit, it was keeping me awake, telling me, warning me; something was coming. I did not know what it was. A calling for me, for Joseph, something that was going to alter our lives... 2 months later, we were sitting in the stake presidents office. President Scoffield (2nd counselor in our stake presidency) extended Joseph a calling as 2nd counselor in the bishopric of our ward. The feeling came back in force, but I also felt peace. I knew. The Lord had warned me, he had prepared me so that I would be able to support my husband in this demanding calling. And I promised myself I would not complain about the time he spent away from us, serving the Lord. I have done pretty well.

We have been blessed beyond measure.

As I was ready to go to bed Saturday night, I knelt in prayer. I gave a prayer of thanks and asked for a few blessings on our family. I laid down in bed (technically it was the floor, we had family over and gave up our bed to sleep in the boys room). I was tired, but I could not sleep. I had this strong feeling once more. My heart felt like it was in my throat, I was shedding tears. And I was COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED.

Something is coming.

Something that will affect me, my family. I do not know what my Heavenly Father has in store for me, my husband, my family, but I know with certainty something IS coming. I do not know when, where or how. But I KNOW i am being warned, prepared. And so is my family.

Joseph woke up, Probably because i was so restless. I told him about my feeling. How I could not "shake it off". In his sweet way he told me not to worry and held me in his arms. Then I was even more overwhelmed because of my husband. I LOVE HIM. I AM a truly blessed woman to have him in my life, at my side, with 3 amazing sons.

I know I am loved by my Heavenly Father, I know he loves me so much that he knows of my need for preparation. I know his warnings are real. I WILL do whatever He asks of me. I am infinitely grateful for His guidance, for His Love, for His tender care, but most of all for His tender mercies. What an amazing , perfectly loving Father is OUR GOD. How amazing that he cares for each and every one of us. How powerful is His love. I bear witness of him, in my simple yet strong faith. He loves us, He sent his son Jesus Christ to die for us. That through Christ we may all come back to Him, our loving Father. This is the song and desire of my heart; that I might testify of Him who made all and everyone, whose love is without end, even GOD the father and of his son, my brother, Jesus Christ.