Friday, April 25, 2008

Elementary program...

We witnessed Matthew's first school program last night... It was pretty good or as well as could be expected from a bunch of kids between the ages of 6 and 12. Matthew did good although at times we were wondering if he was really singing. The funniest part was the song where they move their hips to the words "cha, cha, cha" Matthew was trying to stay as stationary as you can! LOL

The sad part is that we forgot our camera so luckily for Matthew we won't be able to humiliate him in front of future girlfiends with pictures of him doing the non-moving cha-cha...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


If you read my last blog, you know I had a GREAT but very tiring weekend... I told myself I would go work out monday night, but I was way too tired... Then I had another bad night because of Samuel. He was running a fever. After that I told myself I would go out tuesday night for a Double workout (pilates followed by Yoga) I ended up being at the doctor's office for two hours with Samuel who had a fever of 104 F. Then I was supposed to go with my friend Tori this morning and I just didn't even wake up... Sam was up in the middle of the night and you know how it is trying to sleep with a toddler in your bed: restless sleep! So I have to fess up. I haven't been to the gym in a week now and I can feel it! But then it is now afternoon and all I feel like doing is going to sleep! When will the tiredness go away?

Monday, April 21, 2008

2 Weddings and a Birthday!

We got to get away this last weekend and that was SOOOOO fun! We left on Thursday afternoon around 4:30 and started our road trip to my in-laws who live in Gresham, Oregon (just east of Portland). We made Very good time and the weather was good on the way there. Sunny barely any rain! I know: Shocking!!! We got there Friday morning @ 3 am pacific time. We then had the great honor to be there for Joseph's Brother's birthday! He turned 29 and he and his lovely wife found out last week that they are expecting their first child! (I say Girl!) Exciting news! So we did a little shopping at the Nike factory Outlet. Joseph got a new pair of running shoes for $30 and I got a pair of Yoga/workout pants which are the most comfortable pants ever! We also had a chance to double date on Friday night with Joseph's brother and his wife Rosanne. We went to the Movies (for FREE; Thank you Chris!) and watched "The Forbidden Kingdom". Also thanks to Joseph's parents for watching our 3 sleeping kids! Then Saturday, we got up early to go to breakfast. we ran some errands and chilled until mid afternoon when it was time to get ready for 2 wedding receptions in 1 evening. Joseph friend Elisha's reception was first. And that was quite the sight! Her mom is a caterer (she catered Ours!) And she is also expert at decorating for weddings! The food was really good,But the desserts were AMAZING! The bride and the groom looked happy too! Then we were off to my friend Minde's wedding. (I was her counselor in primary before we moved to Utah.)It took her a while to find her man but she looked sooooooooo happy! She was so pretty with the biggest twinkle in her eyes! They wouldn't let go of each other's hand! On top of that, we had the chance to chat with our old bishop, his wife and an old sister missionary that we loved! She lives in Salt Lake too so we will be having her over for Sunday dinner soon! After all that excitement, we went back to Joseph's mom and Dad and played Skip-Bo. That was fun too! Finally, Sunday morning we went to sacrament meeting and then we went back to get lunch and pack for home. The trip was Good. We made really good time too! But we got home this morning a little before 2am. The night was short and I am pretty tired but the important thing is that we had a Blast!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Brown Spot the dog

Something funny happened today!

I walked over with Samuel to pick-up Zackary from pre-school and Matthew and his friend Kaden from kindergarden and we went to the park to play for a little bit. While at the park, the kids noticed this white dog with brown spots wandering around. I didn't let them go to him but somehow when we were done, he followed us.

He started following us down the path that leads to the church's parking lot, through it and down the street to the crosswalk. To my surprise, he was still following us after we crossed the street. Now, I do believe that he thought the kids were playing with him and making him run for them...

The next thing I know they are calling him by his "new" name: Brown Spot. He followed us all the way home! Our dog Lilly wasn't exactly friendly ( She is somewhat possessive...). We trapped him in our backyard. I was going to take a picture, but the animal control lady picked him up before I had the chance! He was a sweet little dog!

Now, before I end this Blog I do need to post this disclaimer: NO honey I do not want a 2nd dog! Love you though!

Friday, April 4, 2008

The blessings of a loving God

About two weeks ago, I had a misunderstanding with my Heavenly Father. It was all on me! Let me first fill you in on the misunderstanding, then I'll get to the blessings.

As some of you know, Joseph changed jobs at the end of January. He loves it and is a much more enjoyable person to live with as a result. The downside is the pay. We took a substantial pay cut, but we prayed about it and felt we would be okay. Things came to a halt on a Monday morning as we were planning to go out of town the next weekend and Joseph remembered he had taken a second job to give us a little wiggle room. He couldn't come with the rest of us. That is when I kind of lost it.... I was upset! Mostly because I had been praying, pleading, BEGGING(!) that Joseph wouldn't have to work 2 jobs again. I made some changes in my life in order to be a better mom, wife, but most of all a better follower of Christ. I was (and am) making real efforts to be better! So that Monday morning as I lost it, I went in the bathroom and knelt and prayed. I told my Heavenly Father that I didn't understand why he couldn't bless us, make it so that Joseph could work a regular schedule and still have time for his calling and his schooling and US! I didn't understand why he wouldn't answer my prayer since I had been begging for a few weeks now... After a few minutes, Joseph knocked at the door and came in. He held me for a while and then I asked for a blessing. As he blessed me, he told me that I would find answers in the scriptures. Later that day I took a few minutes to read and ponder and two verses hit me pretty hard:
Words of Mormon 1:7;
"... I do not know all things;but the lord knoweth all things which are to come; wherefore,he worketh in me to do according to his will."
That wasn't exactly what I wanted... As I read some more I came by this:
Doctrines and covenants 121: 36;
"...that the powers of heaven cannot be controlled nor handled only upon the principles of righteousness."
To explain my state after this there is only one word needed: HUMBLED.
As Joseph put it, there is nothing like a little heavenly butt whooping from time to time!
I realized once more how much I love Joseph and that one of the things I love the most about him is his willingness to work really hard to ensure our family is taken care of. Joseph quit the second job 2 weeks ago...
But to get to my point; this is what I realized today as I was driving home from the store: in the past 2 weeks, the lord has provided a way for us to make extra money without having to get the dreaded second job. He has opened the gates of heaven and he has blessed us. In more ways than I can count.
Today this blog was written for only one purpose:
I simply needed to express
my gratitude
for the blessings of a loving God.