Thursday, April 10, 2008

Brown Spot the dog

Something funny happened today!

I walked over with Samuel to pick-up Zackary from pre-school and Matthew and his friend Kaden from kindergarden and we went to the park to play for a little bit. While at the park, the kids noticed this white dog with brown spots wandering around. I didn't let them go to him but somehow when we were done, he followed us.

He started following us down the path that leads to the church's parking lot, through it and down the street to the crosswalk. To my surprise, he was still following us after we crossed the street. Now, I do believe that he thought the kids were playing with him and making him run for them...

The next thing I know they are calling him by his "new" name: Brown Spot. He followed us all the way home! Our dog Lilly wasn't exactly friendly ( She is somewhat possessive...). We trapped him in our backyard. I was going to take a picture, but the animal control lady picked him up before I had the chance! He was a sweet little dog!

Now, before I end this Blog I do need to post this disclaimer: NO honey I do not want a 2nd dog! Love you though!


Chris and Rosanne said...

You should have put him in a box, punched some holes in it and shipped up here to us! We could always use a playmate for LOLA! j/k don't do that!

Love you guys.
Chris and Rosanne

The Lloyds said...

I found your blog! I love your wedding picture. The flowers are amazing! I can't wait to read more on your blog.

Lauralee said...

I didn't know you blog!! That is so funny! Just say no! (to an extra dog!!)

Jenn said...

Hey Maude! I love your blog! They are so fun!! Your wedding picture is so cute! I love it.

Misty and The Choatester said...

Hey Maude....I'm so glad you have a blog!