Friday, May 30, 2008

The art of shifting...

We drove most of the night to get to Gresham Oregon. We left home around 5:20pm and got here around 4am. I was pretty adamant about not driving Joseph's new car. It is a 5 speed Manual. A stick shift... I haven't mastered the art. I could see that Joseph was really tired. We stopped on the side of the road a little after midnight so we could rest. We slept for about 45 minutes. Then Sam started waking and crying. So we woke up and were on our way again. As we were going through the blue mountains I could definitely see that Joseph was really exhausted. So I said a prayer (I always need all the help I can get!) and gathered all the courage I could find (or as the french say: I took my courage in both hands)and I told him that I would drive when we got down to Pendleton. Its mostly flat and small hills from there, I wasn't too worried about killing the car going uphill. So as soon as we reached the valley, Joseph pulled over and we switched places. I got behind the wheel took a deep breath, and then Joseph told me about the secret of shifting! Turns out I don't need to give it all the gas I can, I just need to maintain my RPMs to about 2000-2500 and the shifting is smooth!


Don't think I am now skilled in the art of shifting, but it is a step in the right direction. I made it all the way to 5th gear and maintained my speed for 2 hours. Enough to get my husband to nap and drive the more "hillie" last 45 minutes of the drive.

That was also a calf and ankle workout! No cruise control will do that to you!

Check back in the next couple of days to learn everything about elder Patrick Beckman's homecoming!


emily said...

Good for you! I learned stick shift in high school but it was terrifying to me at first. Why didn't you take the van?

Maude said...

We wanted to save on gas. Oregon has $4 a gallon gas, and more expensive if you don't get it at the right place... We saw up to $4.15 for regular... Insane!