Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Sorry everyone it's been a while but man has it been crazy around here! Samuel had another ear infection and my two other boys had tummy aches last week. Thankfully everyone is now well again! I was starting to be a little paranoid about my house having mold or some other kind of toxic thing that makes everyone sick all the time! Winter has just been awful this year and I am GRATEFUL for the spring to finally be here in force! My visiting teacher put it best when she said that our spring in Utah this year has been going through such birthing pains! I thought that was sort of a funny way to put it!

There has been a lot on my mind lately but mainly I have come to this little conclusion: Our lives need balance! Duh you are probably saying! I can hear it! NO seriously, with my life being so crazy and busy these last few months I have come to realize that Balance is vital.

I need my daily spiritual time (sometimes 5 minutes has to do! but it DOES!),
I need my body to feel good through exercising (when I miss 2 days in a row I do not feel well),
I need my alone time to just read or do something I like,
I need time with my husband or I become very cranky! (do not read more into this than is meant...)
I need time to just have fun with my kids!
I need time to talk with my friends (always fun and somedays a real reliever!)
I also need time to serve my family and others.

I now know that when all these things are put in priorities and properly balanced, my life is full, peaceful but most of all: happy!
Crazy hey!

Here it is for my little philosophical thoughts. Have a good one!

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emily said...

That's one of the hardest things for me--balancing. I feel like there is never enough time!