Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Drill here, drill now, pay less....

I came across this new slogan today as I was listening to the Sean Hannity show and doing dishes... Most of you probably do not know that I am a mild "political junkie"... I love it and I hate it... Hard to describe, it is just a love/hate relationship. You can all thank my father for that one! Our political views might clash but he did instill in me the love of politics and the desire to be involved. Most of you know that I am not a citizen as of yet, only a permanent resident(applying for citizenship is up to about $700!); but I do live here, and I married an American and AM raising 3 American sons. I have a right to be concerned for the well being of my family, a GOD given right and in that sense, I have a voice too! I might not be able to vote, but I sure can be heard! So in an attempt to make my voice heard, I am urging you to read on. The price of GAS is becoming more than just a little concern. It is becoming a BIG one! We all pay way more than we used to.

Newt Gingrich, the former republican speaker of the house, has a foundation named American Solutions. You can all go sign a petition on this web site for congress to finally DO SOMETHING that will help!


Here is a you tube video of Newt explaining it all.

Let's make it clear that WE the people will no longer stand for inaction.


emily said...

My Dad and I just had this conversation yesterday. We have to start drilling in Alaska and risk the wildlife thing. I'm sorry, but human life is more important than animal life, and the price of gas will not just affect how much we drive, it's starting to affect every aspect of our lives. I agree that we have to do something now--and it should've been done 10 years ago. Start mining oil shale, start building nuclear power plants. Something has to be done.

Jenn said...

We have this conversation too! I totally agree with everything that has been said. The sooner the change, the better!

Chris and Rosanne said...

I say give up on gas for cars. There is a guy in florida that has converted his car to run on completely water. Thats right FOLKS! Hydrogen. If some random guy can do this why can't the GENIUSES in the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT!!??!! I smell a conspiracy..... I say put money into developing and conversions for cars to alternative fuel. Better for us and the environment