Thursday, July 31, 2008

Maude's 101

Misty tagged me a week ago to do this 101 things about me. I had to think about it for a while, but here it is:

1. I struggle to pick one ultimate favorite...
2. I can be a little indecisive at times (now you know the why of #1)
3. My Favorite color of all time is red.
4. I love to read
5. I love Jane Austen's books and movies, I could watch and read them over and over again! Unfortunately Joseph does not share my passion.
6. I can't wait for "Breaking Dawn" tomorrow night!
7. I Love Tom Clancy's Books too!
8. I wish we could get a President who is like Jack Ryan!
9. I am a legal Alien
10. I can be a bit OCD with some things like folding laundry...
11. I do not dwell on the past very much; what is done is done, all I can do is be better in the future.
12. I took 1 year of piano lessons
13. I took 2 years of Art and was chosen as part of a team to make a statue which is on public display in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada.
14. I like art and artsy things.
15. I don't scrapbook because I am too cheap to buy the supplies, but I would love to one day
16. I cannot wait for Joseph to be done with his bachelor's degree in FIVE weeks!!!
17. I want to celebrate Joseph's graduation by taking a little overnight trip without the kids.
18. I have a list of "requirements" for Joseph's 1st job as a graduate.
19. I claim I am only a stay at home mom but I have a couple side jobs like watching kids.
20. I try not to judge people.
21. I don't understand why someones race/gender/religion is a big deal in a political setting.
22. Race, gender and religion are not an issue in my book.
23. I love living in Utah! I wasn't sure that I would, but I truly do!
24. My present ward is my "home ward". It took me a long time to consider anything but Lemoyne ward that...
25. I don't particularly consider myself a "strong woman"
26. I can be strong when needs be,because I have God besides me.
27. My faith is VERY important to me, I try not to take things for granted.
28. I grew up on the south shore of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
29. I am proud of my French Canadian roots.
30. I don't speak enough French to my kids.
31. I fell in love with Joseph when I was 16.
32. He did not know it until I was 17 and he was no longer a missionary.
33. We got married 3 weeks shy of my 19th birthday.
34. I weighed 117 lbs the morning of our wedding about 6 pounds short of my usual at that time...
35. I won our honeymoon trip from a bridal fair!
36. When I got the call to tell me that I won, I thought it was a joke!
37. I used to think I was fat...
38. I wish I could be skinny again.
39. I am working out and dieting to lose weight.
40. I am not sure I can be 125lbs again; I'll settle for 135...
41. I am hoping to file the paperwork to become a citizen in the near future.
42. My Parents do not want me to renounce my Canadian Citizenship.
43. I think that if I am going to live here, I mine as well get a say!
44. I Love and Hate Politics...
45. I consider myself a conservative.
46. I was raised rather Liberal... but then again there isn't anything like conservatism in Eastern Canada... Especially not in Quebec!
47. I know Nationalized Health care does not work! My grandma got her Cancer treatment in Vermont...
48. I love Volleyball!
49. I was captain or assistant captain of my Volleyball team through High School.
50. I was a very good student in High School.
51. I did not go to college because I knew I would be getting married and moving away.
52. I am still not sure of what I want to do "when I grow up" or more precisely when my kids grow up a little.
53. I don't think you're ever too old to go back to college.
54. I plan on going back when all my kids are in school...
55. I love history.
56. I thought of doing a minor in political science...
57. When I was in Junior High, I wanted to be a Lawyer
58. When I was in High School I wanted to be a writer or a teacher...
59. I still dream of writing a Novel someday...
60. I like blogging even though I am not the greatest...
61. Emily and Emilie are the best bloggers I know!
62. I finally learned how to put links on here thanks to Lauralee!
63. I don't think I teach my kids enough about everything...
64. I think my kids are REALLY smart!
65. Some days I yell too much.
66. I am trying really hard not to yell at my kids anymore...
67. I think being a mom is HARD, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world...
68. I really want a baby girl, but somehow I think I would be okay with all boys too.
69. I really want another baby.
70. My kids are true believers in the motto that says that "early risers own the world".
71. My mom says it's payback for my rooster behavior as a kid...
72. I Love my parents but I don't necessarily aspire at being like them.
73. I love talk radio.
74. I listen to Sean Hannity a lot.
75. I try to catch Glenn Beck whenever I can; he scares me sometimes, but mostly he cracks me up!
76. My father and I do not agree on politics.
77. I believe the best way for me to make a difference is to teach my children well.
78. I believe in "the American Dream"
79. I think the American Dream is synonymous of hard work.
80. I think the American people should demand a lot MORE from their political leaders...
81. I want my kids to take piano lessons, swim lessons,...
82. I am better than I deserve: The Dave Ramsey method is awesome!
83. That's right: WE'RE GETTING OUT OF DEBT BABY!!!
84. I hate when my house is messy, but I can never keep it clean for very long...
85. I keep "job hunting" for Joseph
86. We have a dog, a cat and some fishes...
87. I don't mind the Fishes, tolerate the dog and the cat drives me nuts!
88. I make friends pretty easily for the most part.
89. I am a lot more shy than I was when I was a teenager, but I am coming out of it.
90. I am trying to become better friends with a few sisters in my ward.
91. I always look at houses for sale even though I know we won't be buying a house for a couple of years.
92. I keep hoping for a miracle so that we can buy a house soon!
93. I start chomping at the bit after a couple of months without a calling.
94. I loved being in primary, but my favorite calling of all times was being YW camp director.

95. I believe in eternal friendships. I think that distance may hamper the frequency of exchanges, but not the ardor of feelings.

96. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister.
97. My sister was and always will be my best girlfriend.
98. My little brother Charles will pass the 3 year mark of the accident that put him in a wheelchair next week.
99. I admire my little brother Charles immensely for his optimism, attitude and positive outlook amidst hardship.
100. I am the only active member of the church among my siblings.
101. I am soooo glad I am done!

I will not tag anyone because I thought that was HARD! but if you feel so inclined, go ahead!


emily said...

6. I can't wait either!
13. I never knew, do you have pictures? I admire people who are artistic.
35. where did you go?
38. Me too.
61. awww, thanks! although i think my family suffers for it.
65. me too. but i can't picture you yelling at ALL.
100. does that make you sad? i think that would be hard. your family is very good looking!

Thanks for doing that, it's so fun to get to know people this way.

Maude said...

In response:
13. I have pictures somewhere, i'll have to dig for them and put them up...
35. to an all-inclusive resort an hour south of Cancun! It was awesome!
100. Yes, it makes me sad, but I can only love them and hope...