Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pioneer Heritage...

I've been thinking for a while about Pioneer day here in Utah and about what it means for me. My husband has some "real pioneer roots" through his Grandma Beckman, I know that, but being the French Canadian that I am, I don't. Then I started thinking a lot about my heritage. My ancestors surely weren't the kind to just do what they were told. I have a great great great grandfather who made his way back to Canada (in snowshoes, in the winter) after having been deported to Louisiana by the British. My Dad taught me that I was of noble ascendancy, not only by birth but mostly because I AM a Daughter of God.

This was the start of a new perspective in terms of heritage.

Long before I was even a thought into my parents mind, a young man by the name of Jeff Packer decided to go on a mission. He was called by the lord to serve in eastern Canada, and went to Montreal. There he met a widower and his young fiancee. They got married and accepted the gospel. My aunt and Uncle. As my aunt and uncle were eager about the gospel they shared it with my father who was more or less interested. Until a young elder named Royal Eccles came to teach him. This young missionary was not afraid to teach by the spirit, and to follow the lord's guidance. When he met my dad, he knew that he was who he had been prepared for. He knew that he could not give up on that man. His efforts were rewarded. The spirit touched my father. He could no longer deny.

As I have been meditating about my heritage these lasts weeks, I have come to realize that our heritage is not only by physical lineage, but also by spiritual lineage. I am Grateful to Elder Packer and Elder Eccles, and to the unknown missionary who baptized my mom. Their Perseverance, efforts and faith are a part of me. They are my spiritual pioneers and I will forever be grateful to them for what this heritage.


emily said...

what a great story! Cool heritage. Thanks for sharing!

Victoria said...

I have not read you blog for a while. It was really great to read it again. I liked the Mom stoires. It is hard to be a Mom. You do a beautiful job, though. I'm still working on it! See you tomorrow.