Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to school!

I have been a slacking blogger this last week... No excuse, just laziness!

Matthew went back to school monday. 1st day of 1st grade! He was really excited and a little bit nervous about the new teacher. He had the BEST kindergarten teacher ever last year so it was a little nerve wrecking not knowing what to expect with a new teacher... He did great!

We also had some back to school cupcakes on sunday night to celebrate!

Here are pictures of the old raggy shoes that went through a rough summer
and of the nice and CLEAN new school shoes!

I have to admit that Kindergarten did not bother me at all. I was just sooo happy for Matthew to be able to go to school! I did NOT cry on monday, but I skipped a little beat for a second... 1st grade is definitely something more... I am quite certain that it is because it is an all day affair. I keep looking at the clock thinking it is time (or past time) to go pick him up, but it is never close...

What can I say? I love my Matthew!


emily said...

how fun! i love those new shoes, i bet they make him run FAST!

Victoria said...

Awe! I think that it will be hard for me to let Rachel go to school all by herself. It will be a great day, too, for her. Great way to celebrate with the cupcakes.