Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Just thought I would wish my sweet husband a very Happy Birthday! I know that he doesn't really want to count now that he passed the big 3-0 last year on this same exact date, but I just think that a birthday needs to be celebrated no matter how old you are!

So cheer up sweets, you're only 31 and your life is still mostly ahead of you!

Enchiladas and Jello cake will await you tonight!!!

Have a great birthday!

Friday, September 26, 2008


If you have been following the news lightly over the last week, you already know our country is in deep financial trouble. I post this as an invitation to all of us to get involved.

My opinion has evolved a bit over the past few days... I have a lot on my mind and I can't really express all of it. If you had seen me Tuesday morning, as I was rummaging through all this in my head, you would have caught a glimpse of my mind and fears...

I would be lying if I said the situation doesn't scare me. I am absolutely totally frightened by the financial ridge we find ourselves on.

My first step:
Like many of you I feel that those who put us in this mess need to come forward and pay up. Give back the millions they got from the lobbyists and make sure the corrupt CEOs, CFOs, (...) do time. Make them FELONS!!!

My second step:
Brace up America; the train wreck is coming and it will hit hard. While you still can, follow the instructions of our beloved prophets: built up your food storage, pay off your debt, put your house in order. Do what you can. The storm is coming fast and it will not be pretty. But like any challenge, WE will get through it!

My third step:
LET THEM FAIL. This is my own lowly pion opinion. I do not claim to be an expert. I do not claim to be knowledgeable in financial matters. What I know is what my gut tells me. Let them fail so we can be stronger. Let them fail so we can rebuild better.

I have been mulling over this for a few days now, but this is really what I think. I think times will get horribly hard as this crisis unfolds. I also think that being an American means that whenever we are brought to our knees, we stand up taller AND better. (If you know me, you know I like Glenn Beck, he said something along these line on his program this morning. Find it here.)

Don't let this one go by while you stand on the sidelines: make up your mind and call your senator, your congressman.
Tell them what you think.
After all: WE THE PEOPLE are their boss!
It's time we take back the power to the people...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A few words on the last 8...

For yesterday:

It's been 8 years!
8 years since we made the eternal vows that will keep us together forever.
I must say this year is more special for us.
Joseph commented on the same thing last night:
"It feels like more of an anniversary this year, I'm not sure why" He said.
In this last year, we have grown closer and more together.
We can finish each other's sentences, read each other's minds...
There is a feeling of peace and well being between us,
a comfort that can only come from being together for a while...

We do not always agree but we never fight.
We might have a heated discussion here and there, but we always compromise.
We can never stay mad at each other for very long,
neither of us is ever too proud to say sorry

Before we were married, my institute teacher was commenting on how she would not want to be a newlywed again. Although there are awesome benefits to being a newlyweds, I can understand what she was talking about now.

The new part is fun and exciting, but add a few years of togetherness and everything seems better. I love that I am growing old with Joseph. I love this special bond we share, I love that we have common goals.

Marriage gets better with age...

I LOVE YOU, and even if I didn't think it possible, MORE!

I love that you always worry about me. I love that you hold me whenever I want. I love that you are always trying to improve "US" and always take our "status checks". I love that you still think I am beautiful even on the days where I don't see it. I love that you love the Lord and always try to better yourself. I love that you are strong, yet always humble.

God knew what he was doing when he made our paths cross...

Thanks for the last 8 years and the eternity to come!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My BIG thing...

A couple of months ago I posted this about divine guidance.

Over the last 2 months I have been receiving a lot of promptings about simple things I needed to impove in my spiritual life.

I believe I was being prepared.

Last Wednesday afternoon I received a call from our ward's executive secretary telling me the Bishop needed to meet with me that night. I called Joseph to tell him that our Bishop asked he be there too, but I couldn't get anything out of him. He kept making remarks like:" I wonder what he wants?" or "Is there something you need to tell me?". I must say he was quite happy that he knew what I was going in there for and I didn't. He loves withholding information because he knows it drives me crazy when he doesn't want to tell me... To be fair, he really couldn't say anything until it was time, but he still rejoiced in the feeling of dangling it over my head!

As the evening went on, I was sorting and thinking of all the things it could be. I had it narrowed down to the organization and I was pretty sure of what it would be when we finally entered the Bishop's office. The bishop asked my husband to extend the calling they had for me.

I am the new secretary in an all new young women presidency! I am very excited!

I felt the spirit very strongly as our Bishop told me of the rest of the presidency. He shared with us that they, as a bishopric had been praying for over 3 months over this new presidency and that he had known before the new president submitted the names who the rest of the presidency was going to be.

I am honored by the trust that is put in me by my Heavenly Father to help His daughters along the path.

I have a deep love for the Young Women organization. Young women is when I came to know for myself. Young women is where my testimony grew from a tiny little seed to something much bigger. Young Women is where I truly learned to recognize the spirit. Primary was the base, Young Women was the broadening agent. I had a hard time personally when I was a beehive and mia maid. My parents separated when I was 11. I was trying to work out and understand a lot of things in my life.

It was during my Young women years that I came to KNOW that my Heavenly Father is MY Father.

So many experiences I could write a book. Camp, youth conference, my bedroom, my eternal friends...

I LOVE Young Women!

I only pray that I can be an instruments in His hands and touch the lives of our beautiful Young Women...

My friend Emily asked me last night (as she so nicely invited us over for dinner and the food was sooo yummy!) if I thought this was my BIG thing: I believe so.

There are a few words that can describe my state of mind: Excited, Humbled, Grateful and Amazed...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where were you?

I am sleeping in bed.
The phone rings, waking me.
I push Joseph and tell him to hurry and get it.
Beeing 6 months pregnant, I know I won't be on my feet fast enough.
Joseph picks up the phone: "Hello!?"
Then he starts speaking french.
My heart starts beating a little faster.
Is something wrong with someone in my family?
The TV is turned on, then silence...
I turn around the corner to enter our living/kitchen/dining room in our little 1 bedroom apartment.
The pictures on the TV stop me in my tracks...

Joseph hands me the phone, its my Dad.
He wants to make sure we are ok even though we live almost 3000 miles away.
Tragedy in New York city, in Washington DC.

That is my 9/11 moment, that is where I was.
Joseph once asked me if I thought 9/11 for us was like the JFK assassination for our parents. I really think so. None of us will ever forget where we were when we witnessed first, the Horror, and then Heroes never to be forgotten...

TOday is PATRIOT DAY, a day to remember the goodness of America and how we can all come together.

Don't forget to thank a member of the military and pray for our troops everywhere!

Where were you when the world stopped turning that September day?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Surprising, but not in a bad way... The Palin pick.

I have to admit that I am a Mitt Romney fan. I know someone who worked for him, he is a good guy! I was rooting for Mitt in the presidential race and when he withdrew his candidacy, I was hoping he would be number 2... So I was sad and disappointed when the announcement came and Sarah Palin got the spot. My first thought was: "who is that?". That is until I learned more about her. Leave it to John McCain to throw a curve ball like this. It is not a secret that I am not the biggest fan of McCain, but Sarah Palin seems to softened the corners of my hesitations.

She is not perfect, but she is smart. She actually has run something. She is articulate and she seems to be there for the right reasons. In her speech last Friday she said something about how politicians are elected to do the people's business and that this is exactly what she requires of herself. Impressive. I mean someone in the government actually working on doing the things the people actually are demanding and not trying to fulfill their own self-interest. I am at a loss of words.

I like her!
She is not perfect but she is real...