Friday, October 31, 2008

funny things kids say...

This just happened and I figure I had to post it right away so I would remember!

This is a conversation between my 3 handsome boys:

Matthew: Samuel, this is not yours! You're NOT the king of the world!

Samuel: Yeah!

Zackary: No; Jesus is!

Kids are awesome!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


As the elections are drawing near (ALLELUIA!!!) and my stomach is getting more into knot everyday over what the results will be, I have spent the last weeks thinking a lot about a few things...

I have been reading a few things, listening to a lot of things and I am drawing my own conclusions...

What started the ball rolling was my friend Annie's comments on her facebook page.

Annie and I have been friends for over ten years. We were in the St-Jean Branch back when entered the young women. She was a Laurel and I totally admired her! Still do: she is an awesome person! Annie married a born and raised Utahn and they now live in Vermont where he is finally working as an MD. I love her but we have such different views!

Her comment was something like this: "I don't know why Americans are scared of Socialism, Canadians have it and it's GREAT!" She then went back and forth with friends about the pros and cons of socialism... One of the things she pointed out is that capitalism mostly brings greed and lets the little people to suffer. Her friend said capitalism is the only way to be truly free...

I have been thinking long and hard. I even went back to read the Constitution of the United States! I read it a few times and let it sink. Then I thought of the things I hold dear, and of my LOVE for this country I married into...

Here are some of my thoughts; do with it what you wish!
My only purpose is that you may gain something from it, that maybe you will feel the need to go back to the basic principles this great nation was founded upon and understand the way we should go.

Having been raised not only in Canada but in Quebec (which is even more socialist than the rest of Canada!) I never knew different until I married (extremely well!) and moved here. We were expecting of first child with no insurance... I was a little stressed. When Matthew was born, a lady visited me in the Hospital. She asked a few questions about our income. Then she said: " I am pretty sure you are income eligible for medicaid". I replied that although I was here legally, I was not eligible to receive Medicaid. She said my status didn't matter... I talked with Joseph. He said NO. It took me a while to understand that it was more than the selfish pride of providing for his family: it was a strong held belief that in America, YOU are responsible to provide. The government stays out of your personal matters.

We had 2 babies without insurance.

$14000 and five years later, we are no longer paying on them, but it took until Matthew was 6 and Zackary was 4...

I believe this nation was founded on principles of hard work, sacrifice and honor.

The declaration of independence says that we are all entitled to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

I do not believe this mean we will all be rich.

I believe it means that we can strive for what is important to us.

Joseph and I are not what people would consider rich. But we are rich because of what we DO have. We have 3 handsome boys, we are striving to better our lives. I married someone who is willing to do what it takes so that our family will be provided for. At one time, he was working 3 jobs, another time 2 jobs going 48 hours almost without sleep... Didn't I tell you he is GREAT!

This is the life we chose. I stay home and take care of raising our children while he makes sure there is bread on our table.

I do not believe we will stay "materially poor" forever. Joseph graduates in less than 5 days with his Bachelor's!

We decided to SACRIFICE for two more years while he does his masters... That means we won't see him as much. Our lives are busy. Between kids, church callings, work and school...

Sacrifice: restrain from something now to have something better later.

What I believe the Founding Fathers meant for us to be is a moral people.

Not an entitled one...

Greed is reduced when we have a strong sense of Honor.

Honor is what makes you understand that pride is a vice.
Honor is what keeps your VALUES in check.
Honor is what we need to remember as a nation.

The Constitution was established to "establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity".

I would urge you to review the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and find out where you stand before you enter the voting booth.

Are your positions in line with the INSPIRED vision of the founding fathers?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Christmas card giveaway!!!

Emily always finds some fun giveaways! Petit Elefant is doing a Holiday card giveaway! I picked this card. Can you tell I love red!

Hurry and sign-up too!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Women of the spirit

There are a few women that have influenced my life for good. I can name a few: my mom is a big one; my sister; Sister Carter and sister Pomerleau: my seminary teachers; Sister Thibault, one of my YW presidents; Sister Mower, my visiting teacher in Oregon; Sister Clark (maiden name) and sister Pitts: sister missionaries; Anessa: my friend and Neighbor; Tori: my fitness partner; and so many more!

There are a few women whom I have or have not met who have also influenced my life for the better: Sheri Dew (she is awesome! I shook her hand when she visited Montreal years back!); Sister Nadauld, former YW president; Sister Beck the current general relief society president; Sister Dalton, the current general YW President.

All of these women have influenced my life for the better whether it be by their words, actions and kindness...

Last night I was privileged to attend a youth fireside at our stake center. The speaker was the General Young Women President: Sister Elaine S. Dalton.


The spirit was extremely strong! It was wonderful to be a part of. Sister Dalton focused on a few key points: keeping a constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, Keeping our minds focused on entering the Temple and our divine nature. She spoke to our youth with conviction, wit but mostly with the power o the Holy Ghost.

She recognizes the challenges of our times. She urged the youth to stay steadfast and true to their values even if it means "social suicide". She related an experience from 9th grade where she was invited to a party thrown by popular girls. After being offered alcohol and realizing that leaving would mean "social suicide" she offered a quick prayer asking what she should do. The spirit told her: GO HOME! She said: "I can't go home: this is my social future we are talking about! Heavenly father help me! The spirit then whispered: GO HOME NOW! She said she gathered her things, opened the door, closed it behind her and wailed all the way home. That was a defining moment in her life. The year that followed was the worst of her life. She had no friends and was made fun of. But she said she learned who she is, got straight A's and got her patriarchal blessing. It defined the rest of her life. It was the foundation for all that was to come in her later years.

She also said that 1 person can change the world.

She extended a challenge to all of us:

1) Pray daily 100%

2) Read the Book of Mormon 5 minutes a day 100%

3) Smile daily 100%

She promised that if we do these 3 things, we will be changed, our families will be changed: we will change the world...

So I also challenge you to sister Dalton's words:

Will you be 100%?

Will you change the world?

Saturday, October 11, 2008


We stopped by to visit Carol and Kaylie this morning.

They were doing well considering.

Carol said she got to say her goodbyes and that she felt peace. She is amazingly strong.

Kaylie was still in shock. She is a strong willed girl, like her dad... She will be okay. She witnessed the change in her mom also. From the worried sadness to the calming peace.

Isn't it wonderful to know we are eternal families!

As for Curtis and Kyle: they have been informed. The church does not allow them to come home and go back because of the visas policies... If they come home, they stay home. Kyle has said he will not come home. I doubt Curtis will come home either. These two are amazing young men. Carol said that you could tell in their last few letters that they knew something was up...

I am still sad, but mostly I am grateful. I am grateful I got to know him. I am grateful for the gospel and for the guidance of the spirit. I am grateful for the time we are given.

Thank you for all of your prayers in their behalf!

Passing on...

If there is one thing that has been made clear in my mind once more over the last 12 hours it is how fragile this life is.

If you read my post from last night, you know Kelly Wall was in the Hospital. He passed away this morning around 7 am...

I think some passings are harder than others. When Joseph's Grandma passed away a little over 2 years ago, I didn't really shed tears. I was happy she could be back with her loved ones in the spirit world. But I have been struggling with this. Mostly because it was so sudden...

Kelly had neck surgery a couple of weeks ago. I have been meaning to stop by or call to see how he was since then. I didn't. I saw him out in his front yard this week. Laughing and chatting with his neighbor as I drove past his street. I told myself I should stop and say Hi, but I was in a hurry. Last night, before dinner time I ran over to their house with Matthew. The Walls generously let us plant a garden with theirs this summer. I wanted to grab the last of the tomatoes before the storm today. I told myself as I pulled in that I should knock on the door and say hi. I didn't. I was in a hurry.

Now I know that regrets do not get you anywhere. I know that it wouldn't have changed anything, but I still wish I had seized the day.

These are a few things I appreciated and admired about Kelly:

He was always humble.
He had a good sense of humor.
He was a good Dad and Husband.
He wanted his kids to be hard workers.

Kelly and Joseph changed our breaks with the twins last summer. I admired the way he was teaching his kids all these practical things.

He took pride in having a clean and well maintained yard.

When we first moved to Utah, we lived next door to the Wall family. We had a landlord that didn't quite appreciate kids playing in the yard... Kelly let us play in his yard anytime we wanted.
He always asked when we could come over and play there.
He shared the bounties of his fruit trees. His peaches are soo yummy!

Every New year's eve or the last 2 years, they came over and had a little party with us.

I still can quite grasp that he is gone.

But I know he is back in heaven with our heavenly Father.

There is one thing about my faith that separates us from others: We believe in eternal families. We can be together forever.

The next few days ahead will be hard for the rest of his family. Curtis and Kyle, who are currently serving missions in Argentina, will most likely come home... Kaylie will have the hardest time I think. She is a few months shy of her 12th birthday... Carol will grieve sorely too. I would...

My heart and prayers are with them.

Please pray for them too...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Please pray for the Wall family!

A little over an hour and a half ago, we heard the sirens of an ambulance pass our house.
A minute later, we received a phone call from Kaylie asking Joseph to come over right away.

Kelly was taken to the Hospital unresponsive over an hour ago.

It does not look good for him at this moment.

Please pray for him, for his wife, for his two sons who are serving the Lord in Argentina and for his daughter Kaylie.

I have a dear place in my heart for the Wall family. They were our next door neighbors when we first moved here.

They have always been loving, friendly and have always been on the lookout for opportunities to serve.

I pray Our Heavenly Father will bless them at this difficult time.

Please Pray for them!

Please pray for the Wall family!

Finally a little laugh!

Joseph sent me this web link a few minutes ago.

It will really make you laugh and relax your mood no matter what political affiliation you have!

Make sure you turn up the sound on your computer!

It's time for some campaignin'


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Poli-ticking.... / Potty Training!

It seems like this is all I talk about anymore...

Politics and the State of the economy.

Have you heard the latest?


Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House,

is also calling for another STIMULUS PACKAGE...

I am sure GLAD Washington thinks money grows on trees!

Did you hear the debt display in NYC ran out of room?

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our national debt is now SOOO BIG,

they don't have enough room to add another number...

I am getting a bit of politics tiredness...

I am getting fed up really!

Why can't we ever get a straight answer?

I am also reading Obama-NATION!

(A nice birthday gift from my men!)

I already didn't care for Obama...

Now I just see him as a big fat liar...

All this just makes me dream for a President

"a la TOM CLANCY"!

Can't we just get a real life Jack Ryan in the White House?

I don't care if he is a she,

or even if he is BLUE!

(There is a Blue man you know! He was on Oprah before I stopped watching it...)

We need to elect people that put their MOUTHS where their ACTIONS are!

On a lighter note,

Samuel is now a potty going boy!


Well, for the most part.

Today: day 6: 1 accident only!!!

I am very happy that the diapers are becoming a thing of the past!

For now...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm becoming obssessed...

I know I just can't stop talking about this BAILOUT thing...

But seriously:
don't you think they should think it through
before they borrow

It seems to me our leaders in Washington are a little bit impulsive on this.
Congress hasn't done ANYTHING for almost two years
and NOW they feel the need to do
TOO MUCH (of the very wrong thing!), TOO FAST!

The Senate passed the
BAILOUT BILL last night.
So now it goes to the House again...
Another vote expected tomorrow...
My friend Nat posted about the Dave Ramsey plan yesterday.

I LOVE Dave Ramsey.
Joseph and I discovered him last year and are on the debt diet...
He just MAKES SENSE!!!

Please take a look at his plan and make sure
that your congressman/women get their earful of your opinion!

It's time to make their phones ring off the hook!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Handbag giveaway...

Emilie posted about this giveaway on her Blog and I signed up too! Free is never a bad thing! Check it out!

Anyone care to enlighten me?

So the Bailout bill didn't pass in the House on Monday.

Why the heck is the Senate voting on it tonight?

I thought that if the House killed a bill it was the end of it and the Senate couldn't do anything about it...

Anyone care to enlighten this poor confused Canadian girl?