Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm becoming obssessed...

I know I just can't stop talking about this BAILOUT thing...

But seriously:
don't you think they should think it through
before they borrow

It seems to me our leaders in Washington are a little bit impulsive on this.
Congress hasn't done ANYTHING for almost two years
and NOW they feel the need to do
TOO MUCH (of the very wrong thing!), TOO FAST!

The Senate passed the
BAILOUT BILL last night.
So now it goes to the House again...
Another vote expected tomorrow...
My friend Nat posted about the Dave Ramsey plan yesterday.

I LOVE Dave Ramsey.
Joseph and I discovered him last year and are on the debt diet...
He just MAKES SENSE!!!

Please take a look at his plan and make sure
that your congressman/women get their earful of your opinion!

It's time to make their phones ring off the hook!

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EX Canuck NEW American said...

Can you believe they passed it???