Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Poli-ticking.... / Potty Training!

It seems like this is all I talk about anymore...

Politics and the State of the economy.

Have you heard the latest?


Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House,

is also calling for another STIMULUS PACKAGE...

I am sure GLAD Washington thinks money grows on trees!

Did you hear the debt display in NYC ran out of room?

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our national debt is now SOOO BIG,

they don't have enough room to add another number...

I am getting a bit of politics tiredness...

I am getting fed up really!

Why can't we ever get a straight answer?

I am also reading Obama-NATION!

(A nice birthday gift from my men!)

I already didn't care for Obama...

Now I just see him as a big fat liar...

All this just makes me dream for a President

"a la TOM CLANCY"!

Can't we just get a real life Jack Ryan in the White House?

I don't care if he is a she,

or even if he is BLUE!

(There is a Blue man you know! He was on Oprah before I stopped watching it...)

We need to elect people that put their MOUTHS where their ACTIONS are!

On a lighter note,

Samuel is now a potty going boy!


Well, for the most part.

Today: day 6: 1 accident only!!!

I am very happy that the diapers are becoming a thing of the past!

For now...


emily said...

it's all so awful. i don't even know what to say about it. when mccain was saying he wanted $30 billion more last night i wanted to SCREAM. NO MORE FREE MONEY FOR THE IDIOTS WHO DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MONEY! nobody will ever learn if they get their $700k house for $300k because of the stupid bailout.

congrats on samuel! awesome!

and happy birthday, i hope you had a good one!

Nat said...

It's best to just turn off the news and enjoy the peace and quiet. You know who your voting for and that's all that matters. Lovely about AIG taking a fat $400.000 vacation after their big bailout...see where our tax money goes? Isn't it lovely and well, it will only get worse...maybe...hopefully not! Be of good cheer and find joy in the moment...there is A LOT!