Saturday, October 11, 2008


We stopped by to visit Carol and Kaylie this morning.

They were doing well considering.

Carol said she got to say her goodbyes and that she felt peace. She is amazingly strong.

Kaylie was still in shock. She is a strong willed girl, like her dad... She will be okay. She witnessed the change in her mom also. From the worried sadness to the calming peace.

Isn't it wonderful to know we are eternal families!

As for Curtis and Kyle: they have been informed. The church does not allow them to come home and go back because of the visas policies... If they come home, they stay home. Kyle has said he will not come home. I doubt Curtis will come home either. These two are amazing young men. Carol said that you could tell in their last few letters that they knew something was up...

I am still sad, but mostly I am grateful. I am grateful I got to know him. I am grateful for the gospel and for the guidance of the spirit. I am grateful for the time we are given.

Thank you for all of your prayers in their behalf!

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Nat said...

Wow, how tragic! My heart goes out to this family for this sudden change in their lives. I pray that they will be one day be able to walk with peace and understanding.