Monday, October 13, 2008

Women of the spirit

There are a few women that have influenced my life for good. I can name a few: my mom is a big one; my sister; Sister Carter and sister Pomerleau: my seminary teachers; Sister Thibault, one of my YW presidents; Sister Mower, my visiting teacher in Oregon; Sister Clark (maiden name) and sister Pitts: sister missionaries; Anessa: my friend and Neighbor; Tori: my fitness partner; and so many more!

There are a few women whom I have or have not met who have also influenced my life for the better: Sheri Dew (she is awesome! I shook her hand when she visited Montreal years back!); Sister Nadauld, former YW president; Sister Beck the current general relief society president; Sister Dalton, the current general YW President.

All of these women have influenced my life for the better whether it be by their words, actions and kindness...

Last night I was privileged to attend a youth fireside at our stake center. The speaker was the General Young Women President: Sister Elaine S. Dalton.


The spirit was extremely strong! It was wonderful to be a part of. Sister Dalton focused on a few key points: keeping a constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, Keeping our minds focused on entering the Temple and our divine nature. She spoke to our youth with conviction, wit but mostly with the power o the Holy Ghost.

She recognizes the challenges of our times. She urged the youth to stay steadfast and true to their values even if it means "social suicide". She related an experience from 9th grade where she was invited to a party thrown by popular girls. After being offered alcohol and realizing that leaving would mean "social suicide" she offered a quick prayer asking what she should do. The spirit told her: GO HOME! She said: "I can't go home: this is my social future we are talking about! Heavenly father help me! The spirit then whispered: GO HOME NOW! She said she gathered her things, opened the door, closed it behind her and wailed all the way home. That was a defining moment in her life. The year that followed was the worst of her life. She had no friends and was made fun of. But she said she learned who she is, got straight A's and got her patriarchal blessing. It defined the rest of her life. It was the foundation for all that was to come in her later years.

She also said that 1 person can change the world.

She extended a challenge to all of us:

1) Pray daily 100%

2) Read the Book of Mormon 5 minutes a day 100%

3) Smile daily 100%

She promised that if we do these 3 things, we will be changed, our families will be changed: we will change the world...

So I also challenge you to sister Dalton's words:

Will you be 100%?

Will you change the world?


Nat said...

Thanks for the challenge...I will take you up on the offer. What the world needs now is more love and prayers!

Lauralee said...

I love this post! (and yes, I do absolutely want to borrow the batman costume!)

EX Canuck NEW American said...

Dang.. I totally forgot!!! I'm glad you gave a little summary though! THank YOu!!!

Jennie said...

We're doing this ... I was so glad that I could go and that Tone came too! She is amazing and relates so well to the youth especially! I love the 5 minute challenge because it's realistic with little kids too :)