Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nationalized Healthcare anyone?

I just got off the phone with my Mom. She has been having health issues over the last little while and finally had a doctor appointment this last week. The Doctor had some blood test result that were taken but he also referred her to a few different specialists for other issues...

She called the proposed physician whose clinic was so booked they gave her 4 other names of specialist to call. She finally made an appointment on Nov. 21st. Not too bad right it's only 3 weeks away... Well: turns out this guy is an optometrist with the right instruments, not an ophthalmologist!

She couldn't get in for an x-ray.

She couldn't get in to see the bone specialist...

So let me ask again: Nationalized Healthcare anyone???


Emilie Ahern said...

Prayers for your Mom.

This is an interesting issue. Most of my immediate family lives in Canada and they all have really mixed opinions...having lived both in the States and in Canada.

The majority of them have ahd really good experiences with Socialized medicine, but others have not. And my Step-Father is a surgeon and he HATES socialized medicine.

It's seriously a toughy.

EX Canuck NEW American said...

Well... DON'T Get me going on Social medicine.. I can Tell you Scary Stories.... I think that it is a great Idea but unfortunately it just Doesn't work...! Not that Our system is perfect.. FAR from it!
Emilie I understand why your step-Father hates socialized medicine!! I'm not a fan either.. I blame the system for the death of my grand-ma..
My mom had a routine Colonoscopy scheduled she waited 7 months to get in then she drank all the nasty stuff to clean your system and starved for 36 hours... She was just about to walk out the door and she received a phone call from the clinic telling her that the appointment was canceled... the doctor didn't come in that day!!!
How Nice! She decided to wait till she moves to the states!!!!

emily said...

NO THANK YOU. I hope your mom is okay.