Monday, December 15, 2008

A Birthday for Zackary

Okay so I am way late in my postings but I still eed to do this post
even if I am more than a week late!

Zackary turned 5 the first week of December!

His best qualities are:

He is always helpful,

He is very curious about everything

He is a cuddler

He is smart

He has the biggest imagination ever!

Zack loves to play with his brothers and friends.

He is already a heart knocker with the ladies...
He has a 4yr old stalker @ preschool...

He is not shy about anything really.
He loves to tell the world what is going on.
When Joseph was laid off on Dec. 1st,
Zack made a point of telling everyone he saw that his Daddy didn't have a job anymore.
The funny thing is that he did it in such a proud way!

So the night of his birthday we had a few of his friends over for pizza, games and cake.
It was really fun!
We played don't eat Pete and pin the nose on the snowman...

Glad it was your birthday Zack! We had a BLAST!!!


emily said...

happy birthday zack!

can i just voice my frustrations that isaac is NEVER looking at the camera? i swear that kid is out to ruin every picture he's in. but i guess i'm glad to know that he doesn't look at your camera either.

Jenn said...

happy birthday Zack! He is such a sweet kid! In church on Sunday he came over and was talking to Carsen. So sweet!