Thursday, January 22, 2009

Houston, Houston, we have a problem... My own allegory of the olive tree.

Ha ha ha! Yep the Beckman's have arrived and after lots of stress have found a decent house to rent and have unpacked most of everything... (Sorry, no pictures yet. Although the camera has been located, the SD card is still playing hide and seek...)

There has been a little culture shock on my part... 1st of all, can I say I would rather live in a small town! Seriously, driving around a bunch of crazies that cut you left and right... When Joseph and I returned the Moving truck Saturday, I had to make way for him to merge in front of me... I felt a little like a shield. The most stressful driving of my life! I was trying to merge right so we could take an upcoming exit. This guy decides to speed up on me. I am pretty certain he took a look at my Utah license plate and slowed down because I do not have a clue about driving in Houston...

For all of you critics of Utah, there is one thing no one can refute: Utahns are nice and cordial! We have met very nice people here, but it is all different.

The tipping point for me was Tuesday morning. I had to register Matthew at his new school. We are lucky enough to be in one of the best school district of Texas and in one of the best school of the district. But when Matthew started crying a little because he did not want to go, my heart skipped a couple of beats... I thought to myself these exact words: I am going to that house we just rented, packing everything back up and WE are going HOME... Until I calmed down. Then I remembered that there is a reason we are here.

This move was not of our doing. We were led here by a higher power than our simple wills. We have been blessed beyond imagination and all is working out nicely. But I must say that I feel like an Olive tree that has just been transplanted in a different part of the vineyard.

My roots are aching because they ran so deep and were so fruitful and comfortable where they were. I long for that plot of Land I just came from with its cold days and familiar faces.

Although I do know that my roots will eventually ground themselves here, my heart does ache for my HOME ward, my friends and those familiar surroundings.

As I found myself praying for my beloved 2nd ward members last night, I could not help but cry. I still cannot believe that we are no longer there.

This is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I don't believe I have EVER missed a place that much and I have moved a few good times...

All I can do for now is tell you all how lucky you are to still be there.

I miss you!

And don't worry too much about me.

It's only the reality starting to finally come to grabs with that parallel dimension I was in over the last couple of weeks.

I know we will come to feel home soon.

I am just a little bit Home sick...


emily said...

Oh man, we so miss you too. I know that feeling, moving somewhere totally new and not knowing anybody and feeling so alone. It does get better. I'm praying for you that it gets better soon. And I actually thought drivers in Texas were better than Utah--they even have signs that say "Practice Texas Friendly Driving"!!

I have a sister in Houston who's a lot like me, so if you're just DYING for an Emily fix, give her a call. :) (just kidding)

Trint and Misty said...

I'm so glad you made it safe and sound. I miss seeing all of your cute faces, but I know the people who meet you will be so blessed to know you.

Victoria said...

Everyone misses you guys here. The first Sunday after you moved was just weird. I'm sure you know that Bro. Linford is now the 2nd counselor. He's fun. the gym is lonely, but I hope to find another partner soon to push me. Good Luck you guys.

Nancy said...

Miss you too... I guess we have a GREAT reason to go visit Texas now.... We will plan on it!

Jennie said...

We all feel your void! I hope the boys are doing good! I'm sure that's a hard adjustment but at least they have each other! I have the cutest cousins down there too and they have a little boy Sam's age ;) I hope work is going good for Joseph ... Love ya! I'm glad the blogging and facebook world keeps us close too ;)