Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday thoughts...

My friend Emily often does "What I believe" posts on Sundays.

I replicate a little bit of this in this post today as I would like to share my thoughts and my testimony.

Today is what we call in our Church (The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter Day Saints) Fast Sunday.

The first Sunday of each month, we fast for two meals and donate the equivalent of what we save to Fast Offerings. Fast Offerings go to help the needy in our midst.

Beyond the "charity" that comes with fast Sunday comes 2 more opportunities:

1) The opportunity to bear and share our testimonies with the rest of our congregation

2) The opportunity to increase our testimonies by dedicating our fast for something, someone... Be it a better understanding of a gospel principle or an additional help to someone we love.

As I was talking with my son Matthew about fasting this morning, I came to realize how grateful I am for this opportunity I have each month. Not because I like to deprive myself of food, or because it is easy to skip two meals in one day; but rather because of the closeness I come to feel with my Heavenly Father. I love feeling the Holy Ghost and I believe that fasting brings His spirit stronger in my day.

I have long pondered about the principle of sacrifice. I have come to understand that seldom do we gain anything in this life without some kind of sacrifice.

I am more than grateful for this Gospel in my life.

I would like to testify
to all of you
about the power of prayer,
of our Heavenly Father's love for each and everyone of us.

I testify that He knows us,
that he knows of our joys and struggles
that He wants us to come back to His presence.

I testify that he prepares a way.

I testify of His infinite love and tender mercies.

I testify of His son Jesus-Christ.

I testify that He walked this earth,
lived a perfect life
died that we could be made whole.
In body and in spirit.

I testify that through Jesus-Christ
we can find peace.

I testify of that peace.

I testify that as we strive to become like Him
our hearts will be changed
thus, our lives.

Of these things I testify

in the name of my Savior



emily said...

I love hearing your testimony. You have so much faith and every time I hear you talk about the gospel, I feel my testimony strengthened. You are AWESOME.

Nat said...

Thanks for this post...there's nothing better than sharing what we believe and how it blesses our souls. How are you?