Friday, February 27, 2009

Scary housing chart...

It's on its way!

Yes! I purchased our new digital camera this morning!

I am so excited!

Life without a camera can be tough!

So here it is:

The Canon PowerShot A590 IS

It is not a digital SLR but it has GREAT reviews and cost me only $130!

(With accessories!)

What a deal!

It should be at my door step sometime next week...

I can't wait!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

To my Anonymous friend

As I read your comment last night I was taken aback a little.


I am not Anti-Obama. In fact, I pray for him everyday. I have a great respect for the office he holds and as a result; for him as the President. I will agree with you that I disagree with his policies. I believe he is continuing on a path that will lead to the financial ruin of this Country.

I started the day with my thoughts on the speech he gave Tuesday night. Is expressing ones opposing opinion considered Anti-Obama?

I followed up with an article I read on drudge. This information is not partisan nor is it Anti-Obama. My concern with President Obama is mainly founded on the fact that as a former Law Professor, I would expect him to know and HONOR the constitution he has promised to defend and uphold. I am not at peace with a number of things that are violating or could infringe on the rights guaranteed by the constitution. Is it not a concern that a member of his own party is bringing this up?

Finally I posted a link about a documentary over the media bias during the election.
On that I am not anti-Obama. President Obama got a pass during the election. It is not a secret. You can read about it here, here and here.

I am concerned about the media bias because the purpose of the news media is to inform. If the information is tainted, how are people suppose to make informed choices about important issues. The outcome could have been the same, I would not have batted an eye. The bias here is my concern. I would be concerned if the tables were reversed.

Finally may I just make a few points.

1) I am tired of "party politics". Republicans are just as much to blame for this mess. I posted comments against the initial bail-out too! And though I respected George W. Bush, he made a lot of mistakes in his presidency too.

2) I am still your friend. I do not consider political opinion to be essential in my friendships. I have many friends who have diverging opinions and are very good friends of mine. My dad doesn't agree with me on politics, I still love him to pieces. My sister is a self-confessed leftist. I still love her to pieces.

3) For what concerns news from me; I know I have been a little somber lately, I will make efforts to not be so political all the time.

4) As for pictures of my cute kids, we are still in a camera impasse... Samuel broke our camera right before we moved and our old one seem to have had water damage at some point... We are planning on getting a new one hopefully this weekend. Our tax refund is scheduled to come in tomorrow. That is part of the list of what we are doing with it. I PROMISE I will post loads of them and our new surroundings as soon as I take possession of this new camera.

I would like to thank you for the introspection your comment provoked in me.
I am not perfect. I do not know all.
I am passionate about history and I do have strong opinions. I was told its in my genes... (my Dad, granpa,...)
I hope at one point you will be comfortable enough to come out of anonymity.
If not, I won't mind either.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Something I want to get...

Nothing glamorous or expensive...

Just a documentary.

Visit Media Malpractice

You can check it out at

You won't believe it til you read it!

Okay I just found this article about Senator Robert Byrd accusing President Obama of Power grabbing...

I am telling you, you won't believe it til you read it!

Byrd: Obama in power grab

Disclaimer: I am in no way a fan or supporter of Senator Byrd. I do not share any of his views or previous affiliations. At no time have I ever agreed with his views prior to this article. (Read about him, you'll understand the disclaimer!)

A little Inspiration

I Love this Message from President Uchtdorf! It is a universal message of hope for all! We can all be creative!

What will you create?

Dear Mr. President...

I wasn't sure I wanted to watch the "non state of the union" speech last night. I did anyways.

Can I respectfully say that even if the speech was hopeful and "cheery", I am not fooled by the insidious lies in it.

I cannot believe you had the audacity of saying that the economic recovery act had NO EARMARKS! Really! Are we suppose to just bob our heads yes and say: "if he says it; it MUST be true!"? For my part I believe that was a LIE. You lied to our faces. Although this is not new in politics, I thought you said that it wasn't going to be politics as usual, that you were going to bring transparency and accountability back to Washington... Though I did not believe it during the campaign, I surely do NOT believe it now. You see Mr. President, transparency and accountability in Washington starts and stops with you. YOU are the ring leader now. YOU set the tone.

There are many more things in this speech I did not agree with.

Like you I believe that the American spirit will endure. Unlike you I do NOT believe that the Government will have a hand into it.

There is a reason this Nation is the "freest Nation ever to exist". It is called: GOD given blessing and inspiration.

America does not always do what it must. But it must do what is right.

I do not claim to know all. I am just a wife and a mom who happens to care about the legacy of her children. I am not even a citizen of this country yet. Although I am eligible, for us regular old people who try to do the right thing and live within their means, a $700 fee for naturalization takes a while to save up. So really my voice is just that: a voice. I do not have an impact on who gets elected.

What I really am trying to say, Mr. President, is that we are all tired of being taken for morons. We are not gullible. We can take whatever comes our way.

Why don't you try us.

All we really ask for is a straight shooter. Someone who will actually tell it like it is.

We do not need to be sugar coated.

We need truth.

We need responsibility.

We need someone who will admit when they are wrong.

We need someone that can go beyond what their "agenda" is and do the RIGHT thing for the only reason that it is the right thing to do.

We need someone who will stand and oppose spending for the sake of buying votes because it is out of control and our Nation cannot suffer the financial burden anymore.

Spending our way to wealth is not the way to become wealthy. It only leads to debts.

I will continue to Pray that Honesty, Accountability, integrity will be part of your administration.

May you, Mr. President, seek Heavenly guidance.

America is praying you do.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Where are those kids coming up with those things???

This morning after sitting at the computer to check the weather for the day (and reading my friend's unfortunate and funny adventure in Mexico), I walked into my sons bedroom to make sure they were getting dressed. I found Samuel (2 1/2) peeing in a cup!

I am not sure where he got that idea although thinking about it I think I can trace it back.

It all started at Zackary 5yr well-child check-up last December. They asked him to give a urine sample. He was pretty reluctant. I told him that I had done so myself MANY times when each of his siblings and himself had been in my tummy... He did and I thought we were done with the whole "pee in a cup" talk...

How wrong was I!

I had a doctor's appointment this week. The "pee in the cup" topic somehow resurfaced.

My kids do NOT forget anything...

Still How do you go from talking about Doctor required urine sample to your 2 1/2 yr old trying it in his bedroom under the watchful eye of his 2 big brothers? Of course it was all HIS idea!

I am quickly realizing that my language does not transpire into understanding with those kids!

A week or two ago, Zack asked how babies get in their Mommies tummies. Trying to find the right words I said: "Heavenly Father gave us instruments..." before I could go any further he exclaimed: "our bodies can make MUSIC!"...

What can I say?

I am at a total loss of words...

Fertile imaginations and probably a little mischievousness gives you exactly this!
Beware of all boy siblings!
They are trouble when they put their minds together!

The Survivors Club widget

I am a thinker... What are you?

Thursday, February 19, 2009


When I said something is coming...

Here is Rick Santelli of CNBC of all places!

Follow the link and watch the video here.

Another tea party anyone?

Trail of thoughts...

I have been pondering a lot these last few days about the state of our nation, the economy, socialism, capitalism...

Of course, my reading has had a great deal to do with the sparking of those thoughts.

I am currently reading: "Great American speeches" by Gregory Suriano

Here are a few of my thoughts...

1. This Nation was founded on principles of morality, virtue and respect for the Almighty.

As I read more of the works and speeches of the founding fathers,
I have come to realize that they were not only believers,
but that they acted upon their knowledge.
They acknowledged the Hand of God in their lives, decisions and trials.
They spoke over and over of the necessity of remaining a good moral people.

2. There are hard times ahead...
I don't mean to scare you all!
I somewhat pride myself in having a good "gut".
I attribute it all to Heavenly guidance.
I am thankful for it.
Last summer when I started to put the pieces together about the declining economy,
the changes in attitudes and the "entitlement" era we seem to be into,
I was scared out of my pants.
My stomach would be in an incredible knot.
I was totally stressed.
Somehow, I don't feel scared anymore.
Call it resignation...
Something bad is coming.
Samuel Adams said that every generation has to fight for their freedom.
I think we are getting to the point where that fight will take place openly.
I feel disgruntled.
I feel like our leaders are out of touch.
I KNOW I am not the only one to feel like that.
I do NOT know what is coming, I just know something is.

3. Preparation is a good thing.
When Joseph was laid off last December,
we weren't as prepared as we could have been.
I usually don't get caught twice...
I am lucky to belong to a church that preaches self-reliance.
I can continue to apply those principles in my life and know I will be prepared.
I am now in a situation that requires me to be prepared.
Should a state of Emergency be declared, I am on my own.
My husband stays at work.
I cannot fail my kids by not being prepared.
Preparation is not only physical.
I know where I stand.
I know what I believe.
I know my values.
I know my priorities.
I know what is important to me.
I believe I also need to be prepared to take a Stand for what I believe should I need to.

4. Socialism, Capitalism...
1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
2 a: a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
b: a system or condition of society in which the means of production
are owned and controlled by the state
3: a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done
an economic system characterized by private
or corporate ownership of capital goods,
by investments that are determined by private decision,
and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods
that are determined mainly by competition in a free market
I don't believe in socialism.
I don't believe in a big government.
I don't believe in a powerful government.
I believe the power lies with the people.
I believe socialism is an infringement on liberty.
I also believe that capitalism is the best system.
Capitalism must also be guided by self-control,
strong moral values and individuals.

5. Union jumble...
Growing up I was always told unions were to protect the little guy
from the big bad corporate boss.
I do not feel that way about unions anymore.
I believe that if the only interest of the Unions was to protect
the worker from abuses and mistreatment;
unions would be okay.
But as unions have evolved,
they have become more of a lobbying force,
a force that will not back down in order to save their job,
but that will keep asking for more
even if they have milked the cow dry...
Take the UAW...
They are running the automakers to the ground.
Bailout or not,
GM, Chrysler and Ford will fail.
It is only a question of time.
No way they can maintain this much cost
when nothing is coming in...

6. Accountability
I am not sure when accountability became unimportant.
I don't let my 7,5 or 2 1/2 yr old get away with much.
How should it be different with grown-ups who KNOW better.
Accountability needs to make a comeback soon and quick.
When was it Okay to have our government run by a bunch of tax cheats.
Do you really think the IRS on your door would believe you when you say:
"Sorry sir, honest mistake! I didn't think I had to declare that!"
Yeah, me neither!

I could seriously go on and on, but I am afraid I have already bored you to long with my ramblings...
I can't say it enough: it is time to return to the good old fashioned values and common sense our grand parents had!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Samuel Adams...

I have been MIA in the last few days... I have been reading: Samuel Adams - Father of the American revolution. I finished the book last night and I loved it.

It probably isn't a book for you if you do not like History. But I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love the light it shed on the events preceding and following the revolution; the internal struggles and battles of ideas.

Most of all, I love that this man did not care about power. He cared about liberty.

He was a deeply religious man.

He believed that he was only an Instrument in God's plan.

My favorite quote of he book is the following:

" He (Samuel) did not believe that the world was on the precipice of a golden age but that each generation had to fight to preserve freedom..."

I pondered on that a while...

The fight for freedom is not over.

Every generation has to fight to preserve their own freedom.

The fight is now OURS...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Here is an idea!

Since the new stimulus bill is so outrageously long and most lawmakers admit they won't have time to read it all, here is an idea; Vote NO simply on the fact that you don't know what you are getting us into!

I do not understand how it is even LEGAL to push a vote on a bill when there is NO WAY anyone will have time to read the whole thing.

I could care less what your opinion is after you read the thing. My hang up is all into the fact that it will not be read.

There is a great stink coming from this. Why are they so afraid of scrutiny? What the heck did they put in there that we shouldn't find out about until AFTER its a done deal?

I thought we were supposed to get 48hrs? (find it here and here)

Just wondering...

I would NEVER sign any legal documents without reading them in their entirety first.

Would you?

I propose a new law that says any bill cannot be put up for vote unless a reasonable amount of time has been given to read the thing.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


There are times in life where some things just plain make sense...

For me, this is one thing that is a "duh" all around.
Glenn Beck introduced Step 2 of his WE SURROUND THEM CAMPAIGN this morning.
12 Values that should guide our lives
go along
with the 9 core principles introduced last week.
Here they are:

1. Honesty
2. Reverence
3. Hope
4. Thrift
5. Humility
6. Charity
7. Sincerity
8. Moderation
9. Hard Work
10. Courage
11. Personal Responsibility
12. Friendship
I feel that this is something me and my family already believe and apply in our lives.
But there is a need in our society as a whole to return to the roots.
These principles and values are what this country was established upon.
Isn't it time we all pledge our lives, fortunes and sacred honor once again
for the defense of our liberties and freedom?
How much longer can the silent majority afford to stay silent?
If you believe in the importance of these principles and values,
make sure you sent your picture to
Make sure you share them with your friends and family.
Democrat, republicans, independents,...
This is not a partisan effort.
This is only a way for all of us to rediscover the "silent majority".
To know that we are not alone.
They do not surround us.

Should you be caught by a bad case of morning sickness at lunch time...

If you have been pregnant, you know that morning sickness is not reserved to mornings and that it can come on anytime of the day just because it wants too... Well, this morning, after dropping Matthew off and checking out a preschool for Zack, It got me again... All I wanted to do was lay on my bed and not move (while listening to talk radio...). Thankfully Zack and Sam were sweet and happy and played well together!

Then came lunch time.

I made quesadillas for the kids but I couldn't stomach them... I knew I had to eat something or it would get worse... I felt like soup. No chicken noodle in my cupboard. So I decided to make french onion soup. Call it crazy french roots or something! It was so good! Best of all, my stomach is a bit more settled. It's like magic!

Should you want to make it, here is how:

1 tbs of Olive oil or butter
2 medium sized onions, sliced not diced
2 cans of chicken or beef broth
1 tbs of balsamic vinegar (optional)
a few slices of french bread, toasted
Swiss or Mozzarella cheese shredded

Slice your onion while warming a medium sized pot on medium heat with the olive oil or Butter.
Throw the onions in. Let them brown slowly. stirring occasionally but not too much. you want them to get a nice caramel color without burning them. It takes a few minutes... Patience is of the essence to get good results! When the onions are nice and brown, add a small amount of broth to pick up all the brown yumminess at the bottom of the pan. then add the rest of broth. bring to a boil and add balsamic vinegar. (I don't use sherry or wine and I found that the balsamic vinegar adds a nice richness to the taste.)

While the soup simmers, warm up your oven broiler and toast your french bread.
After 5-7 minutes of simmering, dish out the soup in small bowls, cover with the toasted french bread, cover it all with cheese. Broil until the cheese gets speckled with light brown spots.

Remove from the oven and ENJOY!!! Watch out it WILL be HOT!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some more questions about the stinking stimulus...

The more I read the more I can't believe what this thing contains!

The health care provision... Betsy McCaughey lays it out on

Here is part of the article she wrote:

"Senators should read these provisions and vote against them because they are dangerous to your health. (Page numbers refer to H.R. 1 EH, pdf version).
The bill’s health rules will affect “every individual in the United States” (445, 454, 479). Your medical treatments will be tracked electronically by a federal system. Having electronic medical records at your fingertips, easily transferred to a hospital, is beneficial. It will help avoid duplicate tests and errors.
But the bill goes further. One new bureaucracy, the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, will monitor treatments to make sure your doctor is doing what the federal government deems appropriate and cost effective. The goal is to reduce costs and “guide” your doctor’s decisions (442, 446). These provisions in the stimulus bill are virtually identical to what Daschle prescribed in his 2008 book, “Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis.” According to Daschle, doctors have to give up autonomy and “learn to operate less like solo practitioners.” "

I watched part of President Obama's town hall meeting yesterday. He was saying that all they want to do is eliminate the paper files, make it all electronic. I was thinking to myself: my health care provider (in Utah) had a computer in the examination room. She never wrote anything down on a medical chart. All my kids medical information was available should I need it as I did when I got to Houston and realized Matthew was lacking a vaccine. I picked up the phone, called the doctor's office and asked whether my chart was right or whether he had in fact received the vaccine without it being written on my card... The lady accessed his file and let me know that he was in fact missing it. Boom, done. She did not have to go to the back room and search for the file...

The second thing that is concerning me is that the language of this bill clearly goes farther than an electronic medical file. The way I read it, it says that my Doctor will need to get some form of approval from the government concerning MY treatment. Why should my doctor consult the government concerning MY care? Did they all go to medical school in Washington?

Makes no sense to me!

The other thing is the census...

I am really wondering where all the promised "accountability" and "transparency" is!

Why move the Census from the extremely transparent non-biased Commerce Department to the oversight of a highly partisan, less transparent, less stringent care of the Chief of Staff; Rham Emanuel... Read all about it here.

Can I just say that the more I learn about it, the worst this bill becomes in my opinion...

Also, I am not the only one thinking this is BAD and will be damaging to us and our freedoms!Read about it here.

It is OUR job to find these things out and make our stand! Come on America!

In the spirit of celebrating Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday, here is some food for thought; Wisdom from the man himself...

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

My new favorite web site!

Since I have become a little obsessed about being informed and understanding what is happening in our Country, I have discovered a great source of information!

It is not new, but can I say I LOVE it!

So here it is: my new favorite website is:

Check it out!

It links all the latest articles on anything that is happening or developing!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Starting to feel home...

We have been in Houston for not quite a month now. I have to say I am starting to feel a little bit more at home...

Still no camera for pictures: sorry guys! It is coming soon (read as soon as we get our tax refund!)

We were invited over for dinner last night by a family in our ward. It was nice to make some friends! We found out we have a lot in common! I might have just found a new workout partner! (sorry Tori, I hope you find one soon too!)

Another family invited us over for Family home evening tonight!

We got "welcome to our ward brownies" yesterday too!

The first week here was HORRIBLE for me. I wanted to go HOME to Utah and be with my friends.

There is not a day that goes by where our family doesn't miss a friend from Utah, but we are making our mark here now. We are making new friends.

We are starting to like it here!

(Aside from the roaches who are everywhere... only one in my house; thank goodness! We are spraying next Saturday! I pray hard every night that they will stay OUT. I HATE BUGS!)

It is nice to feel more at ease and less grief!

Come visit! Our door is always open to all of our friends!


Pray more fervently that our leaders see some sense before they vote for that HORRIBLE bill!

Join me!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I just received my "sitemeter" report this morning.
I had 226 visitors in the past week!
Thank you for reading
leave a comment!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

In case you still do not know about this...

Here is Glenn Beck explaining it all.

WE surround them!

I am truly starting to wonder...

One of the criticism I heard most often about our former President,
George W. Bush,
is how much of a protectionist he was when it came to trade...
I heard ALL about it from members of my family.
They did not have very warm feelings towards W...
He wasn't perfect,
far from it,
but really he is a GOOD man!
(Read about it here)
So, as I have been following the "stimulus"
(read massive unnecessary spending)
and the "Buy American provision"
(you can read all about here);
I am really starting to wonder:
How long until the world realizes
wasn't as bad as they all portrayed him to be?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Come out of the Darkness and make yourselves seen!

If you are like me and have been discouraged
at the
in Washington
and have felt helpless at ever changing anything:

Glenn Beck is inviting anyone who believes in the following:
"1.yes or no:
Do you believe America is a good place, that we've lost our way over the years, that we have done bad things but generally speaking we tried hard. We try to make amends. We have tried to do the right thing. Just like everybody else, we fail from time to time and we have truly lost our way in the last 20 years. But gosh, if you look at America, she's good and our founders were good and our founding documents are good. We've just strayed too far away from them. Yes or no.
2.Yes or no:
I believe in God. I may not go to the same church or synagogue or mosque as the majority of people in America, but I believe in God and he is the center of my life, and God does not tell people to behead others or to persecute others that see God in a different way. As long as that god is not telling them to persecute others.

3.Yes or no:
It is my responsibility to try to be better and a more honest person than I was yesterday. Sometimes I fail, I'll make mistakes, but it's my main mission to be better than I was personally than I was yesterday.

4.Yes or no:
The family is sacred. I and my spouse are the ultimate authority under God when it comes to my family. I raise my family, and that comes with a grave responsibility. If I fail, I answer to God.

5.Yes or no:
If you break the law, you pay the penalty. Justice is blind and no one is above it.

6.Yes or no:
I have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but that is not a guarantee of equal results.

7.Yes or no:
I work hard for what I have, and I will share it with others that I choose when I choose, should I choose. Government cannot force me to be charitable.
8.It is not un-American for anyone to disagree with my opinion, but my opinion or others' opinions may be anti-American. Anti-American rhetoric would be anything that is destructive to the Constitution and our country as our founders understood it.
9.And the last one is the government works for me. The government answers to me. I do not answer to the government."*

If you believe in one or more of these principles,
PLEASE email your picture to:

It is time for us to come out of the darkness and affirm our convictions!
* Content has been copied from and is a transcript of the Glenn Beck Program

Monday, February 2, 2009

Some country sense!

I have to admit I had dropped of the political planet for a while purely out of disgust... I mean there is a point where one feels absolutely helpless about getting through to most of these clowns in Washington...

In the last week however, as things have settled around here, I have started to reconnect a little. I still can't stand it. It all makes me ANGRY!

This morning however, as I was reading an email newsletter from Glenn Beck, I came upon this new song from John Rich.

It says it like it is and boy does it feel good to know that you're not alone!

Hope you Enjoy as Much as I did!