Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dear Mr. President...

I wasn't sure I wanted to watch the "non state of the union" speech last night. I did anyways.

Can I respectfully say that even if the speech was hopeful and "cheery", I am not fooled by the insidious lies in it.

I cannot believe you had the audacity of saying that the economic recovery act had NO EARMARKS! Really! Are we suppose to just bob our heads yes and say: "if he says it; it MUST be true!"? For my part I believe that was a LIE. You lied to our faces. Although this is not new in politics, I thought you said that it wasn't going to be politics as usual, that you were going to bring transparency and accountability back to Washington... Though I did not believe it during the campaign, I surely do NOT believe it now. You see Mr. President, transparency and accountability in Washington starts and stops with you. YOU are the ring leader now. YOU set the tone.

There are many more things in this speech I did not agree with.

Like you I believe that the American spirit will endure. Unlike you I do NOT believe that the Government will have a hand into it.

There is a reason this Nation is the "freest Nation ever to exist". It is called: GOD given blessing and inspiration.

America does not always do what it must. But it must do what is right.

I do not claim to know all. I am just a wife and a mom who happens to care about the legacy of her children. I am not even a citizen of this country yet. Although I am eligible, for us regular old people who try to do the right thing and live within their means, a $700 fee for naturalization takes a while to save up. So really my voice is just that: a voice. I do not have an impact on who gets elected.

What I really am trying to say, Mr. President, is that we are all tired of being taken for morons. We are not gullible. We can take whatever comes our way.

Why don't you try us.

All we really ask for is a straight shooter. Someone who will actually tell it like it is.

We do not need to be sugar coated.

We need truth.

We need responsibility.

We need someone who will admit when they are wrong.

We need someone that can go beyond what their "agenda" is and do the RIGHT thing for the only reason that it is the right thing to do.

We need someone who will stand and oppose spending for the sake of buying votes because it is out of control and our Nation cannot suffer the financial burden anymore.

Spending our way to wealth is not the way to become wealthy. It only leads to debts.

I will continue to Pray that Honesty, Accountability, integrity will be part of your administration.

May you, Mr. President, seek Heavenly guidance.

America is praying you do.

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emily said...

You should send that, Maude. Well said.