Friday, February 13, 2009

Here is an idea!

Since the new stimulus bill is so outrageously long and most lawmakers admit they won't have time to read it all, here is an idea; Vote NO simply on the fact that you don't know what you are getting us into!

I do not understand how it is even LEGAL to push a vote on a bill when there is NO WAY anyone will have time to read the whole thing.

I could care less what your opinion is after you read the thing. My hang up is all into the fact that it will not be read.

There is a great stink coming from this. Why are they so afraid of scrutiny? What the heck did they put in there that we shouldn't find out about until AFTER its a done deal?

I thought we were supposed to get 48hrs? (find it here and here)

Just wondering...

I would NEVER sign any legal documents without reading them in their entirety first.

Would you?

I propose a new law that says any bill cannot be put up for vote unless a reasonable amount of time has been given to read the thing.

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