Thursday, February 5, 2009

I am truly starting to wonder...

One of the criticism I heard most often about our former President,
George W. Bush,
is how much of a protectionist he was when it came to trade...
I heard ALL about it from members of my family.
They did not have very warm feelings towards W...
He wasn't perfect,
far from it,
but really he is a GOOD man!
(Read about it here)
So, as I have been following the "stimulus"
(read massive unnecessary spending)
and the "Buy American provision"
(you can read all about here);
I am really starting to wonder:
How long until the world realizes
wasn't as bad as they all portrayed him to be?


emily said...

I love W. I think he was the perfect president for the past 8 years. Not that everything he did was perfect, just that his personality and sticktoitiveness were what we needed at the time. I feel bad that people hated him so much. He did GREAT with what those 8 years had to give him.

Chatty Natty said...

I hear you. I'm continually shaking my head at what those in Washington are doing....please explain this spending bill? I'd like a new hybrid vehicle and a remodel job. It's madness and whoever doesn't agree is crazy!