Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Samuel Adams...

I have been MIA in the last few days... I have been reading: Samuel Adams - Father of the American revolution. I finished the book last night and I loved it.

It probably isn't a book for you if you do not like History. But I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love the light it shed on the events preceding and following the revolution; the internal struggles and battles of ideas.

Most of all, I love that this man did not care about power. He cared about liberty.

He was a deeply religious man.

He believed that he was only an Instrument in God's plan.

My favorite quote of he book is the following:

" He (Samuel) did not believe that the world was on the precipice of a golden age but that each generation had to fight to preserve freedom..."

I pondered on that a while...

The fight for freedom is not over.

Every generation has to fight to preserve their own freedom.

The fight is now OURS...


emily said...

You should go back to school and major in political science. Wowza.

Victoria said...

I agree with Emily. Also, I read the one about his wife. After that book, John kind of annoyed me. He was gone from his family more than with his family. Of course it was for us, but I felt terrible for his wife. You should read it.