Monday, February 9, 2009

Starting to feel home...

We have been in Houston for not quite a month now. I have to say I am starting to feel a little bit more at home...

Still no camera for pictures: sorry guys! It is coming soon (read as soon as we get our tax refund!)

We were invited over for dinner last night by a family in our ward. It was nice to make some friends! We found out we have a lot in common! I might have just found a new workout partner! (sorry Tori, I hope you find one soon too!)

Another family invited us over for Family home evening tonight!

We got "welcome to our ward brownies" yesterday too!

The first week here was HORRIBLE for me. I wanted to go HOME to Utah and be with my friends.

There is not a day that goes by where our family doesn't miss a friend from Utah, but we are making our mark here now. We are making new friends.

We are starting to like it here!

(Aside from the roaches who are everywhere... only one in my house; thank goodness! We are spraying next Saturday! I pray hard every night that they will stay OUT. I HATE BUGS!)

It is nice to feel more at ease and less grief!

Come visit! Our door is always open to all of our friends!


Jenn said...

aww, I'm glad it's starting to feel more like home! Moves are always tough.

emily said...

That is so nice! My sister felt that way after she moved to Houston--the people were so friendly, it took hardly any time at all to make friends. I'm glad for you (but sad for me). And roaches? YUCK. We had them in Albuquerque and they SUPER freaked me out.

Victoria said...

I was just thinking about you when working out today. Are you still going? I just took my test to get certified to teach aerobics. I think I passed. I don't have a partner yet, but I'm doing great by myself. I started running. I'm up to six miles. Also, I started a walking/running group. We're walking/running to Nauvoo. It'll be fun. Keep it up!

Sharon Johnson said...

Any photos of the new place and cute little boys yet?? I am better, thankyou for checking up on me! Jen is going to make me cookies and I can't wait!