Thursday, February 12, 2009


There are times in life where some things just plain make sense...

For me, this is one thing that is a "duh" all around.
Glenn Beck introduced Step 2 of his WE SURROUND THEM CAMPAIGN this morning.
12 Values that should guide our lives
go along
with the 9 core principles introduced last week.
Here they are:

1. Honesty
2. Reverence
3. Hope
4. Thrift
5. Humility
6. Charity
7. Sincerity
8. Moderation
9. Hard Work
10. Courage
11. Personal Responsibility
12. Friendship
I feel that this is something me and my family already believe and apply in our lives.
But there is a need in our society as a whole to return to the roots.
These principles and values are what this country was established upon.
Isn't it time we all pledge our lives, fortunes and sacred honor once again
for the defense of our liberties and freedom?
How much longer can the silent majority afford to stay silent?
If you believe in the importance of these principles and values,
make sure you sent your picture to
Make sure you share them with your friends and family.
Democrat, republicans, independents,...
This is not a partisan effort.
This is only a way for all of us to rediscover the "silent majority".
To know that we are not alone.
They do not surround us.

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