Thursday, February 26, 2009

To my Anonymous friend

As I read your comment last night I was taken aback a little.


I am not Anti-Obama. In fact, I pray for him everyday. I have a great respect for the office he holds and as a result; for him as the President. I will agree with you that I disagree with his policies. I believe he is continuing on a path that will lead to the financial ruin of this Country.

I started the day with my thoughts on the speech he gave Tuesday night. Is expressing ones opposing opinion considered Anti-Obama?

I followed up with an article I read on drudge. This information is not partisan nor is it Anti-Obama. My concern with President Obama is mainly founded on the fact that as a former Law Professor, I would expect him to know and HONOR the constitution he has promised to defend and uphold. I am not at peace with a number of things that are violating or could infringe on the rights guaranteed by the constitution. Is it not a concern that a member of his own party is bringing this up?

Finally I posted a link about a documentary over the media bias during the election.
On that I am not anti-Obama. President Obama got a pass during the election. It is not a secret. You can read about it here, here and here.

I am concerned about the media bias because the purpose of the news media is to inform. If the information is tainted, how are people suppose to make informed choices about important issues. The outcome could have been the same, I would not have batted an eye. The bias here is my concern. I would be concerned if the tables were reversed.

Finally may I just make a few points.

1) I am tired of "party politics". Republicans are just as much to blame for this mess. I posted comments against the initial bail-out too! And though I respected George W. Bush, he made a lot of mistakes in his presidency too.

2) I am still your friend. I do not consider political opinion to be essential in my friendships. I have many friends who have diverging opinions and are very good friends of mine. My dad doesn't agree with me on politics, I still love him to pieces. My sister is a self-confessed leftist. I still love her to pieces.

3) For what concerns news from me; I know I have been a little somber lately, I will make efforts to not be so political all the time.

4) As for pictures of my cute kids, we are still in a camera impasse... Samuel broke our camera right before we moved and our old one seem to have had water damage at some point... We are planning on getting a new one hopefully this weekend. Our tax refund is scheduled to come in tomorrow. That is part of the list of what we are doing with it. I PROMISE I will post loads of them and our new surroundings as soon as I take possession of this new camera.

I would like to thank you for the introspection your comment provoked in me.
I am not perfect. I do not know all.
I am passionate about history and I do have strong opinions. I was told its in my genes... (my Dad, granpa,...)
I hope at one point you will be comfortable enough to come out of anonymity.
If not, I won't mind either.


emily said...

OH man, I'm dying to know who that anonymous commenter was! Hilarious.

Sometimes I try and figure out who my anonymous commenters are by looking at what time they left the comment, then looking at my site meter to see who was on at that time. it just gives locations, no names, but i'm actually pretty good at figuring it out now. the person in albuquerque who leaves me anonymous comments is my ex-boyfriend; the person in layton is mary get the idea. I thought about not letting anonymous people comment because I want to know so bad who it is, but I guess people like their privacy...

Chatty Natty said...

Ok that was too nice of a response to "anonymous" but I guess you're a nice one, huh? Afterall, this is YOUR blog and you are entitled to post whatever you want.

I find it both pathetic and lame when people are unable to sign their name to a comment...if you're not willing to put your identity with your words then maybe your words should be kept to yourself.

Continue to post whatever you would like!

Maude said...

Well you know I didn't want to be mean... Joseph has the same exact thought about the anonymous status... Frankly, I was kind of shocked, but then, if someone is not comfortable enough putting their name to their words, I feel a bit sorry that they are "afraid" of sharing their opinions in a way. I know I'm not. I guess when I believe in something, I get passionate...