Monday, March 30, 2009

Field Day!

Matthew had a field day at school last thursday. For a moment we didn't think that it was going to happen, because the sky looked threatening, but the rain and thunderstorms did hold up until they were done!

Field day is sort of a grade school olypics. they have these silly competitions and each class competes against the other ones. There is 8 first grade classes at his school so this was quite animated!

Here are a few pictures:

The dash (a relay race):

The egg race:

The stick race

The last activity: the toilet paper wrap of the teachers...

It was a really fun afternoon!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


is finally being wrapped in my husband's arms after he has been gone for 5 days!

No better feeling than that!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A moment of faith blockade...

There are moments in our lives where we are shook to the core by events, words, or a combination of both.

Last night, as Joseph was fixing the gap underneath the backyard door, a Roach flew in the house (yes; they fly in Texas... Ugh!) and I lost it. I mean totally lost it. There was shrieking, tears, shakes,... Not a pretty sight believe me.

My poor husband was taken aback. He exclaimed: "I don't think this is going to work out, I need to find a different job so we can move back."

Although I don't deny thinking that the occasional mouse in Utah is a lot better than roaches, I was flabbergasted. I mean here we are in Houston for only 2 months and we felt it was the right thing to do and all of a sudden this huge blockade of faith is in my way.

All I can think about is that I did not tear my kids world apart and leave all that was great and comfortable to me to be sitting here in this land full of horrible bugs and regret and doubt my decision. I can't stop sobbing. I am feeling so deeply sorry for myself, for all that was left behind. I am longing to go back even as I struggle and fight with the dimming knowledge that there IS a PURPOSE in our being here.

Emotions are running high (with the help of all the extra hormones) and there is only one thing that becomes clear: a calm head is the only thing that will prevail. So as I struggle to get my emotions under control, I asked Joseph to give me a priesthood blessing. Somehow God knows me better than I know myself. I am always amazed at that fact. The blockade is ruptured, I start feeling reassurance once again.

I KNOW there is a reason and a purpose to us being here. And though I still long to be back where we just came from, I know I need to move forward and go on.

I also need to make an appointment with the Orkin man... (He is coming Monday; I can't wait!)

Some days bring storms we don't feel prepared to face...
But with the help of a loving God and Savior, there isn't much we really can't face.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No Hot-dogs PLEASE!

This might sound totally weird, but it is true. If you come in my company in the next 51/2 to 6 months, please abstain from bringing hot-dogs... I cannot stand them. The thought alone makes me nauseous.

This morning, Joseph had the wonderful stomachache I had Sunday. Painful, but thankfully it goes away fast. He went to work a little before dinner and of course the kids were begging for nothing other than hot-dogs... I almost didn't make it. I had to leave the kitchen and take big breaths a few times...

Big time aversion!

No hot-dogs please!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Apparently, old age is already started for me...

Yes, that's exactly what I needed to know today! You know after being sick yesterday and trying to figure out why this pregnancy is taking ALL of my energy away... No more questions I have entered old age! Yes; at the tender age of 27!

At least this is what this article says...

Read it if you do not believe me!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Today is the day!

Yes, today is March 13th. Today is the day that the "We surround them" project is presented to America.

I was going to attend a viewing party but Sam is sick with a bad cold (and hopefully it's not the flu!) today.

So I will be watching at home. By myself. Unless Joseph is lucky enough to make it home from Austin on time...

Don't forget! Set your DVRs and TVs to watch the Glenn Beck Show on FOX @ 5pm Eastern time.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Holy Place

Much has been said and circulated about an upcoming HBO "big Love" episode that will supposedly picture some of our LDS temple ceremonies.

I take a moment to express how I feel about the Temple.

Temples are a Holy Place. They are a refuge from the business and sorrow of everyday. They are a place of peace where all who enter can feel the spirit of God.

There was a point in my life when I attended the temple every Thursday. It kept me from being overwhelmed with being separated from my husband. It brought me closer to God. It gave me more purpose and more peace.

I love Temples. They are an important part of my life and of my personal worship.

I am grateful I am able to attend whenever I decide.

I am grateful I can enter the House of the Lord, feel his peace and his love among the quiet reverence that reside there.

Here is a little video explaining the purpose of temples.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Are you ready for some PICTURES?

It is true, we got our new camera and we love it!

Here are some pictures of our new place!

Front of the house:

Front room:


Dining room:

BIG kitchen:

Our room:

Zack and Sam's room:

their closet:

Matthew's room:

Friday, March 6, 2009

A small thing...

that makes me happy is hearing the fast drumroll from the heart of the little peanut inside of me!

In a millisecond, I forget how sick and tired I am of being sick and tired...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Wise words!

Yesterday, we attended our Stake conference. It was transmitted by satellite from Salt Lake. We had the privilege to hear from President Uchtdorf and Elder Cook.

Elder Cook said something that struck me. He said:"most of our economic hardships today are caused by improper pursuit of happiness..."

I had to stop and think for a while.

How that is true.

I think that over the last few years we have lost sight of what the pursuit of happiness is.

A huge number of us have associated happiness with job title, financial success, nice big houses, new cars, expansive clothes...

But what is a proper pursuit of happiness?

The founders were careful to include as our basic rights; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

There is a catch here if we are not careful. Pursuit does not mean guarantee. it means we can all have a shot at it.

But again what is a proper pursuit of happiness.

I have pondered on this since yesterday.

I believe that a proper pursuit of happiness includes a few things:

1) Fulfilling our God given purpose
2) Fulfilling our role in our families
3) Fulfilling ourselves as individuals

These 3 major points are suggesting underlying qualities and Values.

They imply that we are not centered on selfish desires, but are open to service, strong moral standards and values.

Happiness is not bought, it is earned, felt, lived.

It is not artificially created, it is a result of hard work, good choices and blessings.

Happiness is not always a huge event, or even a fancy thing.

It is found in the laugh of a little boy making silly faces, in a kiss from your beloved half, in the taste of fresh strawberries or simply in the warm rays of the sun.

Simple and small things that make up our everyday.

I find happiness and satisfaction in finishing all my laundry! Even if I know that the end of the day will bring more.

I believe it is time we start charting our happy moments everyday so that we can reconnect with what happiness is really all about!

So I'll be posting regularly about little happy happenings in my life.

What makes you happy?

(Emily I swear I am not stealing your Happiness is segment!)