Monday, March 2, 2009

Wise words!

Yesterday, we attended our Stake conference. It was transmitted by satellite from Salt Lake. We had the privilege to hear from President Uchtdorf and Elder Cook.

Elder Cook said something that struck me. He said:"most of our economic hardships today are caused by improper pursuit of happiness..."

I had to stop and think for a while.

How that is true.

I think that over the last few years we have lost sight of what the pursuit of happiness is.

A huge number of us have associated happiness with job title, financial success, nice big houses, new cars, expansive clothes...

But what is a proper pursuit of happiness?

The founders were careful to include as our basic rights; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

There is a catch here if we are not careful. Pursuit does not mean guarantee. it means we can all have a shot at it.

But again what is a proper pursuit of happiness.

I have pondered on this since yesterday.

I believe that a proper pursuit of happiness includes a few things:

1) Fulfilling our God given purpose
2) Fulfilling our role in our families
3) Fulfilling ourselves as individuals

These 3 major points are suggesting underlying qualities and Values.

They imply that we are not centered on selfish desires, but are open to service, strong moral standards and values.

Happiness is not bought, it is earned, felt, lived.

It is not artificially created, it is a result of hard work, good choices and blessings.

Happiness is not always a huge event, or even a fancy thing.

It is found in the laugh of a little boy making silly faces, in a kiss from your beloved half, in the taste of fresh strawberries or simply in the warm rays of the sun.

Simple and small things that make up our everyday.

I find happiness and satisfaction in finishing all my laundry! Even if I know that the end of the day will bring more.

I believe it is time we start charting our happy moments everyday so that we can reconnect with what happiness is really all about!

So I'll be posting regularly about little happy happenings in my life.

What makes you happy?

(Emily I swear I am not stealing your Happiness is segment!)


emily said...

heh heh heh, even if you were, it wouldn't matter, but i totally believe you. small things make me happy, like when one of my kids says "i love you" (that's only happened twice), things like that. but i swear, buying clothes DOES make me happy. it really does. as long as i don't use a credit card and have to pay for it later.

Aimee said...

hearing a 2 month old giggle

Chris and Rosanne said...


Or you could earmark

or watch the fabulous Will Smith movie!