Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flash updates

I've dropped off the blogosphere for almost 2 weeks...


I detest warm weather colds.
Matthew started it , 2 days later Zack and Sam had it, then me, then Joseph.
Thankfully, it went over quickly!


There is no logic in an almost 3yr old constantly getting out of bed at night,
falling asleep at least an hour after bedtime
and being up between 4:30 and 5 am every morning.
We tried skipping the nap, no change,just extreme crabbiness...
Although crabby is pretty much all he is lately...
"Would somebody Please give me directions!"
I don't think I can go on much longer like this!


I have been rereading Mansfield Park, Sanditon, Pride and Prejudice...
I have also read a few Clive Cussler books
And I have discovered Brad Thor and read 3 of his books: Love them!
What can I say: I like both the romantic and charm of Jane Austen
and the more heroic save the world thriller genre...


When it rains in Houston, it POURS!
We got over 11 inches of rain
between Monday evening and Tuesday morning...
School got Canceled because of flooding in some areas...
It took Joseph almost 2 hours to get to work.
We are still under a Flood warning advisory...
Joseph might get "Activated" if it rains anymore today...
That means he gets to go hang out at the 911 Center
and not come home until The Flooding is over...


I have a prescription Prenatal vitamin.
The insurance cover it all so it is nice!
Walgreens kept telling me it was no longer available...
My Doctor said Walgreen sucks!
They are the only pharmacy who somehow can't get those!
I no longer go to Walgreens...


I have my Ultrasound this afternoon.
I am praying hard Joseph does not get activated so he can make it!
And if you are still wondering,
I could not talk him into finding out the sex of the baby...
Another surprise it will be!
I'll post pictures in the next few days.


My Sister is coming to visit next week!
I am so excited!
We will be going to Galveston to be on the beach!
We were planning on going to San Antonio and the Alamo,
but with the swine flu in that area,
we will have to think of something else.


Are you worried about the swine flu?
I am not really...
I mean, I am getting prepared just in case it gets bad,
but I think we will be fine even if it does.
My mom is sending me this essential oil blend made by a cool chemist in her ward.
It Purifies the air with only a drop put on a tissue by a fan.
She is really worried for us...


Have you been watching 24 this season?
What's with all the political crap?
This is supposed to be entertainment, not propaganda...
And are you as tired as I am of their "Climate change" messages?


Have you ever watched Agent Oso on the Disney channel?
This is the biggest environmentalist crap you could feed kids!
I am all about conservation and preserving the earth,
but the whole climate change thing with the cap and trade, not a chance.
How about we let responsible citizen be responsible...
And could someone tell me what exactly is climate change?
I mean when has climate ever NOT changed?
Isn't the definition of climate to have swings and waves?
Just a question...

There is something very wrong
with being drenched from vacuuming your house
in April...
Or having to run the AC in April for that matter...
What will summer bring?


That's it!
Hope you have a good one!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax day - and such.

So I can't say that I detest tax day because the truth is, we didn't make enough to pay... We got a nice chunk back a couple of months ago...

That being said, it doesn't mean I do not agree with the many tea party protests going on all around the Nation today.

I can't attend. Between picking up my son at school and cub scouts pack meeting, there is no time to make it work.

Had I been able to make today a free day, I would have put the kids in the car and driven the 2 1/2 hours to the Alamo... But if you read my previous post, you know I won't make my son miss a day of school right now... It might ruin our small progress.

Oh and just so you know, you might be a right wing extremist! Yes it is true! It seems that if you somehow value the constitution and State rights, you are a right wing extremist... Read all about it here and here

Yup, today the people can let their voices heard by means of peaceful protest... Let's get to work! (because we all know it's a mess!)

Moving through the eyes of a 7 year old...

Matthew has been having a bit of a rough time. It started with the complaints of tummy aches. Every school day as I told him it was time to get his shoes on...

I have to admit it really stunk for him to move. We left Utah the day after his 7th birthday. He didn't really get a party. We did take him out to eat for his Birthday and later had a birthday dinner, but no party this year...

Matthew is one who enjoys routine and habits. He does not like to have his world turned upside down...

Well sometimes there isn't really any other options...

So after a couple of days of the complaints of tummy aches, I asked if there was something going on at school, a mean kid, a bully... Nope. There has been the occasional teasing from a little boy, but nothing to cause him such anxiety.

We finally got to the bottom of it.

In Matthew's words; "School is boring here, I want to go back to my old school in Utah and play with my friends."

Last Sunday morning, Matthew got a hold of his best buddy Kaden. Joseph thought they would only talk for 5 minutes, but they talked for almost 30 minutes... He was so happy to get news and talk to his friend!

Monday morning came with the tummy ache. I sat down on the edge of his bed and talked to him about how I miss it too. All of our friends, big and small, the friendliness of the school, the fact that they weren't so rigid and bureaucratic...

I said that sometimes life throws us a curve ball. We did not expect to have changes, but that change is there anyways. All that there is left to do is accept it and move on. It doesn't mean that we forget our friends. It does mean that we don't love them anymore. It only means that we need to make it work here too.

I finally got him to school. He was a couple of minutes late.

I called Joseph and cried. After so many things said, over so many days, it comes a point where a mom doesn't know what else to say, what else to do...

But then, for the last 2 days, nothing. He hasn't cmplained about going...

I can't help but wonder if this is over, or if it is only a small break...

Moving stinks. Especially through the eyes of a 7 year old.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

"None were with him"

As we prepare to celebrate Easter today, may we remember its significance...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Black and white...

Zack to me in the car this morning:

" Mom, aren't everybody supposed to go to church"

me: "Well, they should..."

Zack: "So who are they listening to?"

Me: "Well, themselves I guess"

Zack: "Aren't they listening to Satan"

Me: "Maybe no one ever taught them about Jesus and going to church..."

Zack: " They are listening to Satan then MOM."

Trying to temper my child's judgments has proven quite the task lately.
Blame it all on leaving the little protected haven that was Utah and opening up to a world that is quite different... Because I promise we don't teach our kids that... Joseph often says that grey areas are really either black or white; Zack has definitely taken it all to a new level!

I would love to win...

so i'm bloggong about it!

My friend Natalie is having a giveaway of those really nice and artistic pendants she made. I would really like one!

You can check it out here...

(Emily, you would totally love these!)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Belly Update...

I had my 14 weeks check up last week... I was so busy I didn't blog much last week. Hence all the catching up this week!

So far my weight gain is in the negative... But my regular pants are getting too tight nonetheless... And there is a bump there even if to some it probably just looks like I am fat...

The Baby's heartbeat was about 160/min. A tad faster than the other ones, but not by much...

I have been craving for sweets a ton more this pregnancy, especially chocolate... Did I mention that all girls on my husband's side are chocoholics?

But then there is the fact that there are really few girls in the family: 3 boys in a row... I am pretty much resolved to to the fact that I will more than likely end up with an all boy family.

Okay, I don't mean to influence the vote, but since we have our ultrasound scheduled at the end of the month and we still won't find out (because Joseph is adamant it is the only surprise left in this world!). Please take my little poll on the side of this post!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Our little Basketball Star

Judge for yourself...

I think it is really good for a not quite three year old!
Notice Samuel's Right leg when he dribbles...

Mammas and muffins...

Last thursday, Zackary's Preschool held a Mammas and Muffins hour. It was a Lot of fun and the muffin and the fresh fruit were delicious!

All the kids drew a picture of one of the many reasons they love their Moms. The teachers made a book out of it and it was very cute and sweet!

Here are a couple snaps of Zack: