Friday, April 10, 2009

Black and white...

Zack to me in the car this morning:

" Mom, aren't everybody supposed to go to church"

me: "Well, they should..."

Zack: "So who are they listening to?"

Me: "Well, themselves I guess"

Zack: "Aren't they listening to Satan"

Me: "Maybe no one ever taught them about Jesus and going to church..."

Zack: " They are listening to Satan then MOM."

Trying to temper my child's judgments has proven quite the task lately.
Blame it all on leaving the little protected haven that was Utah and opening up to a world that is quite different... Because I promise we don't teach our kids that... Joseph often says that grey areas are really either black or white; Zack has definitely taken it all to a new level!

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emily said...

oh man is that hilarious. so cute! My sister in Houston took her daughter to a 2-week Bible camp when they first moved there. One day she picks her up and her daughter has this cross, and she goes, "Mom, when we sin, we take that sin and put it on this cross, and then we're forgiven." Took about 3 weeks of FHE's to combat that teaching. Hilarious.