Monday, April 6, 2009

Mammas and muffins...

Last thursday, Zackary's Preschool held a Mammas and Muffins hour. It was a Lot of fun and the muffin and the fresh fruit were delicious!

All the kids drew a picture of one of the many reasons they love their Moms. The teachers made a book out of it and it was very cute and sweet!

Here are a couple snaps of Zack:


Jenn said...

How fun! That is such a cute idea.

Hey do you know when your edd is? Just wondering... I probably just missed it, if you've already posted about it. Hope you're feeling well!

emily said...

That looks like fun!

So I went to pick Isaac up from preschool a little early last week and the entire school was out in the parking lot, fire trucks and ambulances...I was freaked out! I couldn't remember where Miss Pam said the kids would be in case of a fire, so I pulled in, and all the kids are waving at me to stop. Felt so dumb. It was sort of embarrassing, but Isaac was right there and just got in the car and we went home early.

We sure miss you guys! Isaac and Spencer talk about Zack all the time.