Friday, May 29, 2009

Adventures in loosing a tooth

Matthew lost another tooth last Saturday.

It had been really wiggly for a while but he still refused to let me pull it with a string.

Here is the story:

We went for a swim at our neighborhood pool. It was the day of the opening so the kids were really excited.

After we got home, we got the kids in the tub and then Joseph and I got in the shower. As we are finishing up, we heard the screams and cries of one of our children. Joseph quickly got out of the bathroom, still dripping, to discover Matthew dripping blood from his mouth. He was really gracious and left a trail of blood drops from the living room all the way to the master bathroom...

Apparently, Samuel and him had a frontal collision of sort. Samuel being shorter, his head hit right at Matthew's mouth and resulted in the loose tooth falling out.

I guess that's what you get from putting it off too long...

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