Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A visitor, the Beach, and a great mother's day!

My sister has been visiting since last Wednesday... We have been doing a few fun things but mostly it's been fun to hag out and catch up! The last time we saw each other was 2 years ago so it is nice to have her here!

Saturday we went to Galveston Island and enjoyed some time at the Beach. We packed a picnic and had a lot of fun. We managed to come home with different degrees of sunburns, even though we were generous with the sunscreen. The kids loved it! Sam kept telling me how it was so much fun there! It was a windy and warm day and there were cool waves. Overall, we had a great time!

Mother's day was also great for me. Joseph and Eliane (pronounced Ey-lee-ann) teamed up so that I did do anything all day. They served up a great omelet in the morning and an awesome barbecued dinner of shrimp chicken, baby red potatoes, green beans, grilles mushrooms and bell peppers. They topped it off with peach and vanilla Blue Bell Ice cream. If you ever come to Texas, you have to try Blue Bell! Very yummy!

Please keep forgiving my sporadic postings until she leaves next Sunday. Then I promise I will do better!


Victoria said...

We just got back from visiting my family in Arkansas and we made sure to have some BLue Bell ice cream. It is excellent.

emily said...

Maude, your sister looks just like Tori! That's uncanny. It looks like a great time. I've been to galveston a few times and I think it's so fun!

Happy Mother's day!