Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bedside conversation...

Last night,
as we were laying in bed after having said our prayer,
and as I was trying to stay as still as I could
so the ceiling fan could attempt to cool me;
Joseph and I had the following conversation:

Joseph: " I hope you don't take it badly if
I don't cuddle with you too much
until you have the baby..."

Me (totally sarcastic): "What? Do you mean I am too hot?"

Joseph: " Yeah! I mean it's not a slow constant heat either!
I get close to you and 5 minutes later
it's like HOLY COW I'm being roasted!"

Me: " Haha! Imagine being ME!"

I must say this little bun in my oven
is definitely making me sweat : )

1 comment:

emily said...

Noah was born in September so that whole last trimester I was soooo hot. It was awful. And I was outside all day every day with 2-year-old Isaac. Ugh. Hope your AC works!