Friday, June 12, 2009

Girly hopes...

We received a package from my in-laws today.

It contained Samuel's birthday gift,
a book for Matthew
a monster truck for Zack.

It also contained this beautiful hand-crocheted baby dress.

It was crocheted by Joseph's paternal Grandmother years ago.
My mother-in-law had asked her to crochet 4 of them;
1 for each of her children.

They've been in my mother-in-law possession since.

Obviously, my mother-in-law is thinking that maybe this time it's a girl...

After all,
the boy/girl ratio of grandchildren
in the Beckman family is 6 boys/1 girl...

It sure could use a little balance!

As for me,
I'll believe it when I see it...
(Notwithstanding ladies feeling spirits and all)


Dana said...

That's a beautiful dress! Even if you have a boy, it'll still be fun to take the dress out & admire it. =)

Jennie said...

i'm putting out the girly vibes for you! that dress needs to be worn :)

Aimee said...

Grandma made one for Emma that looks just like it.

Christopher and Rosanne said...

Soon to be 6 to 2! Against Grandpa Beckman's beliefs, he still thinks the little boy anatomy is hiding in our ultrasound.