Monday, June 8, 2009

A lowkey birthday party for a little boy of three...

Samuel had a birthday yesterday!

I can't believe this little boy is already 3!

He took cupcakes to nursery (at church) and shared with his little friends.

Sam fell asleep on the way home from church and was hard to wake when dinner was ready.

But once he was awake, we had a perfect birthday dinner of homemade pizza, soda pop and cupcakes! (All of his wishes of course!)

And he was thrilled with his new firefighter truck!

Sam's favorite things to play: Ben 10 Alien force (he pretends he is turning into Humogosaur all the time!), Ninja turtles, and any other super hero that exists under the sun!

His favorite snacks are fruit snack and cheese-it.

His favorite foods are most certainly hot-dogs, Mac and Cheese and Pizza!

He is a somewhat picky eater, but don't think you have him figured out! One day he will love something and the other he won't touch it!

He is a cute little guy that has to make sure he gives his daddy a kiss and a hug and another kiss before he can go to work. He is always impatient for his daddy to come home! In fact, if it is taking too long, he will bring me my cell phone and start begging to call him.

He loves playing outside and loves the pool! He is a little talker and loves to retell stories.

He can dress himself (for the most part) and drives me crazy by changing his mind about what to wear 20 times a day!

How I love this little boy who is so dang cute and most of all knows it!


emily said...

Happy birthday Sam! He looks so cute! And your food looks yummy. Are you willing to share your pizza crust recipe?

Maude said...

Totally! It is a Betty Crocker recipe and definitely the best homemade crust ever! I'll email it to you!