Thursday, June 11, 2009

Walmart and feeling spirits...

A couple of days ago I made a run to Walmart with the kids.
It's a shocker, I know, but I forgot to buy more salt and nail polish remover...
(They are such a common occurrence on my list as I am sure they are on yours!)

So I picked up the salt in the spice isle
and attempted to remember through the jumble
where the nail polish remover should be now...

{Our Walmart is undergoing renovations
and they are revamping the whole floor plan.
Products are moved from day to day
so it can be quite a pain to try to locate something.
Thankfully it had not yet been moved. }

There was a little black lady employee in the nail product isle.

As I was trying to decide between
the "strengthening" or "nourishing" nail polish remover,
she approached me.

She looked at my 3 kids and said: "3 boys!"

She then pointed at my belly and asked: "and this one?"

To which I replied: "We don't know it's a surprise..."

She then proceeded to tell me the following: "Oh it's a girl honey!
I can feel her spirit.
It's real strong!
She's gonna have such good protectors!
It's a girl.
Her spirit is real strong..."

I thanked her,
wished her a good afternoon
and walked away with my nourishing nail polish remover...

She was really nice and really sweet,
but what a bizarre thing!