Tuesday, August 11, 2009

About the Health care debate...

My friend Jean-Michel commented on my last post. He referred me to 3 different links to show me what kind of information he is getting. He made sure to point out that the author leans to the left and that he enjoys the other perspective given on my Blog...

Unless you read french, you won't be able to understand the articles, but the videos are in English.

Here are the links:

"Santé, démocratie et «voyoucratie»"

"Petit manuel du parfait teabagger"

"La vidéo du jour"

What I found most interesting in all three blog posts is that the perspective is clearly one sided.

No where was there ever a mention of registered democrats attending these town hall meetings and expressing their concerns about the reform.

I would like to offer this link to counter balance the argument.

Here is the video attached to the article I just linked:

As a clarification to my friend, I would like to point out that this is not a Republican blog. I take pride in the title of being an independent conservative. And if you are wondering; there is a difference!

I do not claim to understand the bill perfectly. In fact, there isn't actually a final bill yet.

Here is what I do know:

The grassroots movement IS real. Although the Republican party would like to believe it has some pull, it really doesn't anymore. There are some groups that are organizing. They are concerned citizens groups. They started organizing when the bailout fiasco started. President Obama himself is proud of his Community organising background... Is it only the groups that agree with his policies that should be allowed to assemble and be heard? And if you think that people are losing it at those meetings, you have to understand the level of frustration currently existing among the American people. Most of them have called and/or written to their representatives on many occasions over the last year; begging them not to pass the bailout number 1, bailout number 2, cap and trade,... And even after overwhelming opposition, the representatives voted for those measures anyways...

The health care system is not perfect. There is problems, and rising costs are an issue. But government is NOT the solution.

The power grabbing happening in Washington over last few years is simply unconstitutional.

Politicians would have us believe we are to stupid to know what is good for us. That without them telling us what we should and should not do, eat, think,... we wouldn't have a clue.

The fall of Adam and Eve provided the knowledge of good and evil, and the ability to judge for ourselves. God believes in the individual as we are the only ones who can make choices for ourselves...

I believe that some of the problem come from government taking over parts of the system. When charity is left to the individual, the American people has proven over and over again that they are generous and that they will help their neighbors in need. Individualism is the base of the American system. The founding fathers believed that nothing was to trump the individual. The moral individual. Most Americans still have strong values. Most still believe in the existence of a God. By giving the people their freedom back we could solve all kinds of societal problems...


Jean-Michel said...

Thank you Maude for this follow-up on my comment. It really is too bad for this Doctor who was civil and tried to ask good questions he felt needed answers. Unfortunately, congressmen are now on the defensive in these town hall meetings because of the few times that it got out of hand. Politics should really be about sharing opinions and listening to other peoples' ideas and questions and try to have a real conversation around important issues. The sad thing is that most of the times, both side of the discussion are closed-minded to what the other side has to offer/contribute to the debate. Being myself more liberal than the american conservatives (although in canada, and especially Quebec, I'm seen as a conservative), I personally identify better with the Democrats, but I like to listen to all the different views on an issue.

One thing that is scaring me right now is all the parallels being drawn between Obama and Hitler, and between the current administration and the 3rd Reich. Even your blog made a connection, with the title "This sounds like Gestapo controlled Germany". I personally took 3 classes on the 2nd World War and hat lead to it and I'm sorry to say that this sounds NOTHING like the 3rd reich. It is very dangerous to make these parallels!

This is a link to a 15 minutes segment from Rachel Maddow's show on MSNBC (again a very one-sided view from a liberal, sorry!) that shows why this is scaring me. I do not agree with everything they say (especially when Frank Schaeffer says that the republicans do these parallels deliberately in order lead some idiots to commit murder and stuff), but its true that this country has a long history of violence and that a few phony can use these parallels to give them a motive to commit crimes (like the assasination of Obama).

Another link to Richard Hétu's blog, it's already starting! (Is it me or that poster the guy uses is saying that it is time to kill the Tyrans!)

Thanks again for your good posts ... I'll keep reading you! (sorry for the extra long comment, i really wish I'm not offending anyone!)

Peace ... From Canada!

Jean-Michel said...

Oops, I forgot the links:

Rachel Maddow: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26315908/vp/32337676#32337676

Richard Hétu: