Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vacation - Back to Utah for one more day...

We left Coeur d'Alene monday morning
and were back at the Gearheart's that night.

The trip back to Utah went well even if it seemed to take forever!

Donelle was sweet and even drove my car for a bit!
The boys enjoyed riding in Uncle Jerry's car
watching none other than StarWars...
(Have I mentioned they are all Jedi obsessed lately?)

Our last day in Utah was spent relaxing in the pool,
preparing things for the trip back
having a great lunch in the Uintah National park!

Jerry and Donelle took us there for the perfect summer lunch of:
Roasted hot-dogs and smores!

It was so much fun and might I add

The boys got in the dirt and enjoyed following Brittany around!

We went to bed ready to make our way back home...

Thank you to Jerry, Donelle and Brittany!
The boys had a blast and so did I!

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