Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vacation review - northern Idaho

We arrived at Joseph's grandma's on Thursday the 23rd.
We made great time getting there
and had time to enjoy dinner and a few hours of chatting (for me!)
and running outside (for the boys) before bed.

We went to the Coeur d'Alene Lake on Friday with Jerry, Donelle and Brittany.
We had fun even if the water was a refreshing 73 degrees.
Sometime Friday night or very early Saturday morning,
my in-laws made it to town...
I tried staying up with Grandma,
but around 11 I just wasn't going to make it.
Grandma sent me to bed...
And the 86 year old woman waited until they got there by herself...

We had loads of fun visiting together!

It was nice to visit and chat with my mother and father-in-law,
my sister-in-law,
meeting Evyn for the first time,
my brother-in-law and his new wife!

The cousins had a brilliant time!
It was like they had never been apart...

Kari (Joseph's cousin) got married Saturday evening and it was a happy moment!
(but boy was it hot in there!)

Sunday, we went to church and enjoyed a wonderful dinner of Moose Roast...
It was quite delicious!

Overall, the weather was PERFECT!
(especially for an always hot, pregnant woman like me!)

I must say that my favorite thing about Grandma's house
is the swing on the porch.
It is just the perfect place to chat and catch up.
I {LOVE} Joseph's grandma!
She is a no-nonsense person who will do anything for you.
She and Leo worked so hard to accommodate all of us!
And they really are cute together!

We left Monday morning to go back to Jerry's and Donelle's...

Big thanks to Grandma and Leo!
We had a great time!
The kids enjoyed it,
even if Sam wouldn't ever say goodnight...

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