Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One day I might get caught up...

Well Christmas has come and gone and I still haven't posted about it... Well it has been a wee bit crazy in this Beckman Household!

We had a GREAT Christmas. There was a wonderful spirit in our home and even our boys were especially well behaved and happy! (Even with the Lack of sleep!)

Matthew barely slept on Christmas eve waking up around 2 but patiently waiting for his brothers to wake up... We made it to 4 am!

I love that we simplified this year! Each of our children got 3 presents from us and then the one from Santa and the Christmas eve jammies. There was no overload and we didn't overspend. We remembered the real reason for Christmas and it was nice. Simple, sweet, quiet and great!

Here is a self taken family pic that turned out pretty well!

My Cousin and her sister and their families came over in between Christmas and New Years. It was great to see them all. Even though Marie lives close by it had been a while since we had gotten together and I hadn't seen her sister Natalie and her family for about 10 years... We had a good time catching up!

We had a little New Year's eve bash with some friends form the ward here at home. We had a great time and kept it fun and relaxed! Shockingly all of our kids (Except Eli)made it to midnight this year!

Well this is it for our holiday review...

Coming soon: A recap of the busiest weekend of my life!

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the emily said...

oooh, looove your brick mantel, it looks so pretty all decorated! Merry Christmas (one month late).