Sunday, February 28, 2010

Going the way of all the earth...

There is something about this saying by King Benjamin (a Prophet from the Book of Mormon) that I like.
Maybe it is the poetry in it... But mostly I think it is because it reminds me that Death is the great equalizer that all of us must go through.

Strangely, I have been pondering about death a lot lately...

The Monday before Valentine's day, we received an email from the Boys school announcing that a first grade teacher who had been battling cancer for about a year had passed away that morning. She was leaving behind her husband (a P.E. teacher at the same school) and two boys: 4th and 6th grade... Such heartbreak... I was so sad for them. As I said a prayer for them, I couldn't help but to be grateful for the knowledge that I have and the belief that there is a life after this one, and that families can be forever...

As Joseph has been out in Utahland for the Wall twins homecoming this weekend, there has been another reminder of these great and eternal truths. There hardly is a week that goes by where I do not think of Kelly, of his impact on our little family and of the lasting friendship we have with the Walls...

Last night, when I talked with Joseph, he informed me that another member of our old ward had passed away from Cancer in the morning. I didn't feel the heartbreak this time, though I wish I was there to comfort his wife... There was no heartbreak because I remember brother Carol's eyes, that 1st Sunday after coming back from a trip to the Nauvoo Temple in 2008 where his wife and son were sealed to him for all eternity...

I first got to know the Carols through Church Women Volleyball. Debbie was there every Thursday night! As I had learned to know them fairly well, I noticed their eyes that summer Sunday. Because I saw their JOY, their FAITH and their LIGHT...

Halloween 2008

You see the Carols are good people. They aren't rich, they aren't poor. They own a little house and Brother Carol has his tow truck company. The thing that always impressed me about them is their generosity and the unselfishness they show. I once inadvertently witnessed him slipping a $100 bill to someone in our congregation whom he knew was going through a rough patch without enough work. The Sunday they learned Joseph had lost his job, we found a Christmas card on our doorstep with some money... They give freely. Always doing whatever they can to help their fellowmen...

They were a great example to me and I love them!

Debbie, Trevor, you are in our thoughts and prayers!

So long Brother Carol; till we meet again - on the other side

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Elijah's Blessing - a month later...

Here is a picture of Elijah with his Great Grandma on his blessing day:

You see the cute little outfit?

Well, I made it...

It was a lot more work than anticipated!

And I have to thank my friend Brita for letting me come to her house and finish,
when my sowing machine jammed...
(It still doesn't work!)
Even when she had the worst cold ever that day!
She also rescued me with the sleeves!
( I detest sleeves especially when they are that little...)

But it turned out well and he looked so handsome!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Conversation around the dinner table...

Wednesday nights are always a little chaotic at our house.

We have cub scouts until 5:30 so dinner is usually something quick or a casserole.

Last night we opted for breakfast for dinner: Bacon, eggs, orange slices and toast.

I had to feed Elijah right when everything was ready, so we said prayers and Joseph dished out the food.

Here is the conversation that then took place around our dinner table:

Zack: " where is the yolk?"

Matthew: "It's hiding in the middle!" (we had over easy eggs)

"Yolks are made of Cheese." (very convinced!)

Joseph: "What?"

Matthew full of conviction: "Yolks are made of cheese!"

Joseph a little confused and amused: "No, yolks are made of yolks..."

Matthew: "But they taste like cheese."

Joseph: "yolks taste like yolks!"

Matthew: "No they really do taste like cheese!"

Joseph: "Does cheese taste like cheese or like yolks?"

Matthew: "Like cheese, but Yolks taste like cheese too."

Joseph: " Sometimes I wonder what planet you are from!"

Matthew: "I'm from Planet Earth!"

Joseph: " Are you sure? Because some of the stuff you come up with..."

Matthew: " Well, maybe you think I'm Russian!"

Joseph: "What?"

Matthew : " Maybe you think I'm Russian!"

Joseph: " Matthew, as far as I know Russians are from Earth..."

Matthew: " Not ALL of them!"

That is where we couldn't contain our laughs anymore...

So the next time you meet a Russian make sure to ask:
"Are you one of the ones that aren't from Earth?"

Friday, February 5, 2010


My sweet Husband often says I look better without makeup...

I have to admit that I do not wear makeup everyday and that it is always extremely simple when I do... I still feel like I don't know how to put makeup on... In a way, makeup scares me.

So I'll let you give your honest opinion...

Here is the before:

Here is the After:

I LOVE my sweet hubby for saying he likes me
"au naturel"
but let's face it:
he is blinded by love :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010