Thursday, February 11, 2010

Conversation around the dinner table...

Wednesday nights are always a little chaotic at our house.

We have cub scouts until 5:30 so dinner is usually something quick or a casserole.

Last night we opted for breakfast for dinner: Bacon, eggs, orange slices and toast.

I had to feed Elijah right when everything was ready, so we said prayers and Joseph dished out the food.

Here is the conversation that then took place around our dinner table:

Zack: " where is the yolk?"

Matthew: "It's hiding in the middle!" (we had over easy eggs)

"Yolks are made of Cheese." (very convinced!)

Joseph: "What?"

Matthew full of conviction: "Yolks are made of cheese!"

Joseph a little confused and amused: "No, yolks are made of yolks..."

Matthew: "But they taste like cheese."

Joseph: "yolks taste like yolks!"

Matthew: "No they really do taste like cheese!"

Joseph: "Does cheese taste like cheese or like yolks?"

Matthew: "Like cheese, but Yolks taste like cheese too."

Joseph: " Sometimes I wonder what planet you are from!"

Matthew: "I'm from Planet Earth!"

Joseph: " Are you sure? Because some of the stuff you come up with..."

Matthew: " Well, maybe you think I'm Russian!"

Joseph: "What?"

Matthew : " Maybe you think I'm Russian!"

Joseph: " Matthew, as far as I know Russians are from Earth..."

Matthew: " Not ALL of them!"

That is where we couldn't contain our laughs anymore...

So the next time you meet a Russian make sure to ask:
"Are you one of the ones that aren't from Earth?"


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Héhéhé! ;o)
Tu fais bien de noter ça!