Monday, March 22, 2010

A sad sad day indeed...

I woke up early to an hungry baby this morning.

After feeding him I grabbed my exercise ball, my weights and my stretchy band;
went out to the living room to do my planned workout.
Once I finished and was finally "awake",
the reality of yesterday finally sank in.

I now live in a different country that the one I lived in yesterday.
How did we get here?
Where do we go from now?

I am on the verge of tears.
I want to weep for this country,
MY country if only still in my heart for now...

What of the American ideals?
What of the REAL hope?

There is a sense of dread,
a definite sadness.
But also a sense of powerlessness.

How do we save the Republic?
What can now be done?
And HOW is this even constitutional?

As much as it has been said:
Health care is NOT a right.
Just as food, or a house or a job isn't.
NO one is entitled.
We only have privileges.
Our right are GOD given:
life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness...

Entitlement is what brought us here.

And though I am sad,
I will square up my shoulder and go forward.

And even if I have to die doing it,
I will teach my children that they are entitled to NOTHING,
that HARD WORK is STILL what makes America.

I will teach them the REAL history of this country
and the LOVE of the founders.

Because this is still the PROMISED land.
And somehow,
We will save the Republic.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Adventures in Parenting...

The Highs and Lows of parenting can sometimes be dizzying...

Last Wednesday afternoon after school.
My boys are playing in the backyard.
Zack is having a hard time with coughing.
He comes in, kneels down, says a prayer.
He gets up, tells me Heavenly Father is going to help him with his cough.
Goes back outside.
Resumes his game.
That night for the first time in a few days he doesn't cough in bed...

Thursday afternoon after school.
Zack is in time out multiple times.
For various reasons...
I open his school folder.
There is a note from his teacher.
"Did not make a good choice of words"...

As proud as I am of my 6 year old exercising his simple yet strong faith, I cannot reconcile the two events without shaking my head wildly...

I guess that is the reason why life AND learning is a process...

I LOVE him madly! (Because some days I think that is exactly where he is driving me!)
He is the perfect mix of opposites if ever there was one.
Sweet and gentle heart yet wild and the biggest tease...