Monday, March 22, 2010

A sad sad day indeed...

I woke up early to an hungry baby this morning.

After feeding him I grabbed my exercise ball, my weights and my stretchy band;
went out to the living room to do my planned workout.
Once I finished and was finally "awake",
the reality of yesterday finally sank in.

I now live in a different country that the one I lived in yesterday.
How did we get here?
Where do we go from now?

I am on the verge of tears.
I want to weep for this country,
MY country if only still in my heart for now...

What of the American ideals?
What of the REAL hope?

There is a sense of dread,
a definite sadness.
But also a sense of powerlessness.

How do we save the Republic?
What can now be done?
And HOW is this even constitutional?

As much as it has been said:
Health care is NOT a right.
Just as food, or a house or a job isn't.
NO one is entitled.
We only have privileges.
Our right are GOD given:
life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness...

Entitlement is what brought us here.

And though I am sad,
I will square up my shoulder and go forward.

And even if I have to die doing it,
I will teach my children that they are entitled to NOTHING,
that HARD WORK is STILL what makes America.

I will teach them the REAL history of this country
and the LOVE of the founders.

Because this is still the PROMISED land.
And somehow,
We will save the Republic.


Doug and Julie Woodall said...

Amen sista!

Cathoux said...

Wow... Pour moi qui ne suis tellement pas la politique (je devrais suivre ton exemple un peu!), et surtout pas celle des États-Unis, j'ai l'impression que Darth Vader ou encore l'empereur Palpatine s'est emparé du pouvoir aux USA...
Est-ce que c'est SI pire que ça? Est-ce que c'est la version 2010 de Star Wars?!

the emily said...

It is SO sad. But I still don't know what we could have done. The real problem is that our legislators are professionals now. They're not just doing this out of a civic duty, to be elected a few times and then go back to the real world. So they don't care what their "constituents" want, if they even think about us at all anymore.

Sad indeed.

Sara said...

Couldn't have said it better myself...for the first time in my life, I no longer believe that we're a nation governed by the people.

You're a better woman than I to focus on the hope :)

em-il-ie said...

It is interesting to note, that this current bill placed ground breaking restrictions on governemnts funded abortions...something that the LDS church (myself included) should be thrilled about.

I think anyone who feels diametrically opposed to the current health care bill should first study the health coverage model that Hawaii has in place (which coincides with the current bill) and then decide if they think it is as bad as they thought. If so, that's fine.

However, I beleive there is an air of fear-mongering present in this matter that preys upon those who do not fully understand the bill...that would be everyone. And we are acting and reacting based on small snipits of information we are fed by the media of our chosen state and of our chosen political party.

There have been multiple times in my life when I had to choose between seeing a doctor and food because I did not have enough for the co-pay. I was working hard and so was my spouse...we were working multiple jobs, we were hocking everything we had on eBay, we were not in debt and we still could not get the care we needed. I do not think my desire for the medical care I desperately needed was based on entitlement...but truly, shouldn't we all be entitiled to having our basic physiological needs met? IS that aprt of Life, Liberty adn the Persuit of Happiness?

I cannot help but to think that even the Canadian model of socialized medicine (which actually does not run as well as Hawaii's) would have been a blessing.

Just my respectful two cents. I would love to hear your thought on your experiences with Canada's socialized medicine. I have heard both good and bad things and would love to know your overall experience.