Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve...

Last Sunday afternoon,
as I was speaking to my Dad on the phone,
I was telling him how the Christmas hype was already running high
and how I was fearing the coming week...
Then I made the comment: " I don't remember being this bad!"
to which he responded:
" That is the key word: you don't remember... Though you weren't the worst..."

That got me thinking...
Have I ever told you about my Brother Ben?
Benjamin is 18 months older than me.
He was always the one to come up with the "evil" plans...
And somehow I always went along with them...
I mean look at him!

Handsome: Absolutely!
But you will agree with me that even at 30 you can see the mischief in his eyes...
So remembering Christmases past,
I remember the excitement and all of Benji's secret plans...

All this brings me to today
and to the smile Joseph gave me this morning
as he was leaving for his "half day" of work...

You know the kind of smile that says:
"Boy am I happy I'm going to work this morning!
Have fun with the kids Honey!"

As a kid I loved Christmas Eve!
The excitement, the magic,...

As a parent:
I can't wait for Christmas day to finally be here
so my kids can be normal again...

Merry Christmas Eve to all of you parents!
We'll make it to Christmas morning somehow!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

July and August in pictures...

On the way back to Utah

4th of July fireworks!

Visiting Montreal for my Dad's 60th birthday!

With my maternal Grandmother
With all my siblings!

All the family that was present...

Reflexions on the past few months...

I know it has been MONTHS!

Life has been a busy little sequence...

Well we made it back to Utah safe and sound
though none of our plans ended up working out the way we had planned.

We have settled back in our lives and have learned once again that
though we make our own choices,
there is a Master of our destiny
Who guides, directs and blesses us in His own time.

Joseph did get a good job in September as our savings were about to run out.

The kids are back in school with their old friends and LOVING it!

But we still haven't made it back into our beloved 2nd ward...
(We live just kitty corner on the border...)

At first that was hard to swallow.
And although I still very much want to be back in my old ward,
their is a peace that has settled upon me
that once again there is a purpose in being where we are...

As I have reflected a lot about the last year these past few weeks,
there is one realization that sticks out:
I am happy!

Happy with family, myself,
Happy with where I am spiritually, physically, emotionally...

And once again there is this feeling that something is coming...
Something good but challenging.

So I'm gearing up.

If there is one thing I have learned over this last year
is that no matter what comes our way,
our Father in heaven will lend his support,
as long as we do His will.