Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years ago...

10 years ago
I was 22 weeks pregnant with my first child.

I am 31 weeks pregnant with Baby #5...

10 years ago,
Joseph and I were awoken to the ring of the telephone...
My Dad was calling to let us know the twin towers had been hit
and he wanted to make sure we were okay.

we are awakened by the sound of noisy children, and church responsibilities...

A lot has changed in the past 10 years,
yet a lot is still unchanged.

And though evil is still present,
maybe even evermore present now then it was then;
Good still does exist.
It can be found it the smallest acts,
or in grand gestures.
God is still ever present in our lives.
He is NOT impartial in the affairs of men.
Miracles still do happen.
Love still wins.
Life is still precious.

Though this day we remember the lives that were lost,
the evil and the shock of it all;
Let us not forget that on the next day
We all rallied as a people,
showed the world
What it means to be American...

If you would like to reflect more on the spiritual impact of September 11th in our lives go here.

A special tribute:

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Aimee said...

Love your post and miss you lots